Microsoft’s Project Pink Drama

Microsoft is really getting some bad coverage lately thanks to the total mess with T-Mobile’s SideKicks this past week (an it isn’t finished yet) and the on going flow of Pink articles being posted all over the place. This it’s ChannelWeb who supposedly got some info about Microsoft secret project and it isn’t looking pretty according to them (and numerous other similar articles last week).

According to a source who claims detailed knowledge of Pink, and who back in May provided with details that have since been reported by other publications (here and here), Pink was doomed from the start by poor decision-making and a management team with next to no mobile experience.

Pink is being developed by Microsoft’s Premium Mobile Experiences (PMX) team, a group within the Mobile Communications Business (MCB) of the Entertainment and Devices Division. The group is led by Roz Ho, corporate vice president and an 18-year Microsoft veteran, who was previously general manager for Microsoft’s Office For Mac group. Chris Pirich, head of engineering for Pink, came from the Xbox group, and Matt Bencke, business general manager for Pink, came to Microsoft from Boeing with virtually no software development experience.

Pink brings together technology from several different Microsoft product groups, but PMX failed to get these groups to commit to delivering their parts of the project on time, according to the source. “Pink has a lot of dependencies — the marketplace is Zune, and for games it uses XNA. Every little piece uses another division’s technology,” said the source. “PMX had lofty ideas and goals, but they totally failed to execute these with Pink.”

What’s more, Pink was originally based on Windows Mobile 7, but repeated Windows Mobile 7 delays caused PMX to switch to Windows CE, which takes longer to implement, the source said.

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Doesn’t look nice…and frankly I don’t care, cause I always thought that having Microsoft branded phones alongside Windows Mobile device build by OEMs was/is a stupid idea. Microsoft should only focus on Windows Mobile (and it looks like this is what they are currently starting to do).
Come on Steve, just admit that you wasted $500M on the Danger acquisition and move one please. Thank HTC for bring some excitement to the Windows Mobile crowed with products like the HTC HD2 and finish Windows Mobile 7.

Source: ChannelWeb

Online retailers list November 11th as HTC HD2 launch date

HTC HD2 large2
Expansys UK and Clove UK have both listed the HTC HD2 as being launch in the UK on November 11th. It still remains to be seen if this will be exact or not, but remember that it’s also rumored that Orange France will be launching the HD2 on November 12th..

Source: Expansys & Clove

HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile 6.5 updates available

Looks like the Windows Mobile 6.5 updates are gettting rolled out as we speak. The official HTC Touch Pro2 (unlocked devices) update is now out (but not yet on HTC’s site) and can be found here. The home tab of the TouchFLO UI has been update with weather integration (but it’s not the same has the HTC HD2).
Finally T-Mobile Germany has released the WM6.5 rom for the MDA Vario V (Touch Pro2) here.
Always remember to back up your files before flash your rom!

Source: HTCPedia forums & WMPoweruser

BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) hands-on video

Salomondrin just posted a 10minutes long hands-on video of BlackBerry‘s soon to be announced (and launched on Verizon) touchscreen device, the Storm 2. He notes that the device he currently has in hand is probably the latest hardware revision (same for the firmware) and that all major bugs he encountered before seem to be fixed now. Can’t wait to see how the piezoelectic screen compares to a capcitive panel.

Source: Salomondarin

First ever HTC HD2 review

HTC HD2 reviewita
The Italian boys over at SoloPalmari did a fairly long pre/review of the HTC HD2 (using non-final hardware and ROM). So far they have only posted the first two parts of their work. Part 1 takes a look at the hardware and features some benchmarks (which should be taken seriously given that they were never developed to run on the new SnapDragon chipset) to give you some point of comparaison.


Finally Part 2 features a size comparaison gallery ( vs iPhone, HTC Touch2 etc) and for the first time, sample pictures & video taken with the phones 5Mpix camera. They’ve also tested the GPS out. Just remember that it’s all done on non-final hardware (it features only 320Mb of ram instead of 448Mb and a beta ROM).

HTC HD2 Iphone TP2

Multi-Touch zooming in Opera Mobile:

Source: SoloPalmari Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3

One more HTC HD2 hands-on video

More HTC HD2 & Windows Mobile 6.5 goodness, this time from Gadget.TV. The video quality is fairly good this time so check it out:


Acer neoTouch / F1 software tour

Pocketnow just posted the third part of their Acer neoTouch / F1 review (see the rest here). This time they took a look at the software on board. Don’t expect anything fancy like HTC’s Sense or TouchFLO here. The phone is fast and responsive though, htanks to Qualcomm’s SnapDragon chipset:

Source: Pocketnow

Sprint HTC Hero now officially on sale

Sprint HTC Hero Sale
Sprint’s HTC Hero is now officially on sale for $179 on a 2 year contract or $479 off contract (if you didn’t already get yours a few days ago). Sprint‘s next Android phone will be the newly announced Samsung Moment.

Source: Sprint