Windows Mobile 7 to natively support vector graphics & Silverlight

During his Windows Mobile Dev Camp session in san Fransisco, WinMo team member Mel Sempat, confirmred what I talked about a little while ago , let me quote myself :

I can tell you that Microsoft is betting heavily on Silverlight for mobile. SL 3 support is going to be the key here (there’s no need to support WPF given that SL 3 does nearly everything WPF does).
What is known is that WM7’s UI is Vector based to be totally resolution independent. This will enable developers to develop once for all phones (using MS’s latest release of Expression tools). As seen here Microsoft designers have been working on Silverlight for WM7. This will also enable Microsoft to push even harder the Widgets development (introduced in 6.5) now that Silverlight support out-of-the-browser applications.

Here’s the full Session:

Sarting at 23mins Mel states that they are working on Vector Graphics support in WM7 and that SilverLight support is also in there (and not WPF).

Like the zunehd, it [Windows Mobile 7] will surprise the market with really awesome stuff, when its ready

When it’s ready….

Source: Mel on Twitter

Verizon HTC Imagio video overview

WirelessZone did an 8 minutes long hands-on video of the newly announced HTC Imagio (Whitestone aka XV6975) coming to Verizon next Tuesday alongside WM6.5. Frankly there’s nothing new we havent seen before (besides the V Cast mobile TV support shown in the second video).

Source: YouTube here and here via Engadget

Microsoft MyPhone service update on Monday

In a Blog post today the MyPhone team announced that the Windows Mobile sync service is going to be down on October 5th and back on October 6th in time for the official launch on Windows Mobile 6.5. Hopefully will get some more information about the remote wipe/lock/map features and increase in storage space.

On October 5th, 2009 at 5AM (Pacific Daylight Time) (check your local time here) the Microsoft My Phone service will be unavailable while we upgrade the service. The service will come back online on October 6th, 2009 Tuesday morning PDT. Stay tuned for more information.

Source: MyPhone Team Blog

AT&T Pure pictured & handled

The AT&T Pure aka the HTC Diamond2 is seen here for the first time thanks to MobilityDigest. As seen the the picutres the Pure looks exactly like the HTC Diamond2 on T-Mobile in Europe known as the MDA Compact V. The device should be availalbe Octber 6 in timefor the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5.

Source: MobilityDigest via WMPoweruser

T-Mobile Pulse available now in the UK

T-Mobile Pulse UK
Well, it looks like T-Mobile UK one-upped T-Mobile NL and is lanching the Pulse (Huawei TouchPhone 8220) Android phone right about now free on contract or £176.16 pay-as-you-go. Head over here & here for more details.

Via Engadget

HTC Touch HD2 (Leo) confirmed on T-Mobile UK

CoolSmartPhone finally got confirmation of the early report that HTC’s upcoming SnapDragon beast, the HTC Touch HD2 / Leo is headed to T-Mobile UK this month. Remember that O2 is also confirmed to get it.

Source: CoolSmartPhone

LG GW620 Etna Android phone hands-on video

Looks like the french boysover at Journal Du Geek & Cnet France got some habds-on action with LG‘s first Android device the GW620 formely known as the LG Etna. Sad to see that LG didn’t even ad any custom UI on top of the vanila Android interface unlike HTC and Motorola.

Source: JDG & CNet