Windows Mobile 7 design mockups ?


Here’s some more Windows Mobile 7 info for the day. WMExperts just receive a screenshot of what looks like settings & calendar design mockups of Windows Mobile 7 (the top row is Windows Mobile 6.5). Nothing is confirmed though and these may be really old (or may be Windows Mobile 6.5.1 mockups). Don’t be surprised if WM7 doesn’t look like that at all.
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HTC Imagio video review

MobileBurn just finished their review of the HTC Imagino and posted nearly 20 minutes long the video review. The Imagio is the first smartphone to supprt Verizon‘s VCast mobile TV with Qualcomm’s FloTV technology:



Source: Youtube here & here via WMPoweruser

Acer neoTouch S200 reviewed, hated

Acer neoTouch s200
Well it looks like Acer is on a mission to ruin Windows Mobile. Today PhoneArena posted their review of theSnapdragon powered Acer neTouch S200 (Acer F1) and it doesn’t look nice at all. Just like the beTouch E200, the neTouch S200 suffers from some major problems:

It´s time everyone heard the verdict. Guilty as charged! Just a joke, of course. Now, let´s get to brass tacks. The Acer neoTouch S200 is a Windows phone that is equipped with really capable hardware components, but its software has not been properly optimized, which leads to occasional lagging. Moreover, the social network integration that Acer promised is perfunctory – aside from the Facebook app, all the others fail to deliver even basic functions like video upload on YouTube. To top it off, the Acer neoTouch S200 is a mediocre performer in terms of in-call quality, which is not a minor disadvantage.

Everything about the Acer´s first 1GHz handset goes to show the manufacturer needs to put a lot of efforts into their devices before catching up with its major rivals – HTC and Samsung. We would recommend that you opt for the Samsung Omnia II I8000, HTC Touch Diamond2 or wait for the HTC HD2 if you intend to get a device with huge display and 1GHz processor.

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Windows Mobile to become a gaming platform, Xbox live is going mobile

Microsoft is finally planing to leverage their experience with the Xbox and bring it to the Windows Mobile platform according to two job ads I just found. Redmond is seeking a Developer Account Manager & Account Manager for Mobile Gaming :

We are seeking a technically savvy Developer Account Manager to own and drive the relationship with our top mobile entertainment development partners. You will work closely with our Business Account Management teams, Engineering support teams, Windows Mobile and Xbox LIVE platform teams as the advocate for your partners to drive solutions to their development needs. You can be a key part of making gaming on Windows Mobile a continued success!

Key responsibilities include working with game developers to provide proactive support and solutions their most challenging issues, and help to align the needs of Microsoft and our game development partners. You will help raise the bar of gaming on Windows Mobile, and help drive adoption of our unique platform features in our partner’s games. Travel to, and working with third party developers is core part of the job.

Qualified candidates will have a minimum of 2+ years experience working with third party game developers and previous experience shipping titles for Xbox LIVE and/or mobile platforms. Experience in one or more of the following areas is strongly preferred: Xbox LIVE, Windows Mobile, C#/Silverlight development.

As we have seen lately Microsoft is finally getting serious about Windows Mobile ( see here & here )and this is a move in the right direction. The Windows Mobile 7 chassis concept is going to be key to mobile developers as this will ensure that the application/games will be compatible/smooth across all Windows Mobile 7 devices. So now we have Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo & Sony competing in the mobile game market.

The second one:

That’s right – we’re looking for the best candidate to own several game publishing companies to secure the best video games for Xbox, Windows and Mobile gaming platforms. With an emphasis on Mobile. As the publisher’s primary point of contact, you will ultimately be responsible for all aspects of the Xbox, Windows and Mobile gaming business and relationship. It’s as close to playing games for a living you’re ever going to find! The 3PP (3rd Party) Account Manager will act as the day to day contact for publishers within Microsoft, and will leverage the resources available (developer support, marketing, LIVE, business development, subsidiary offices, etc) to ensure that the best possible games with the most comprehensive feature set (esp. LIVE support) are released. The job responsibilities also include fully understanding the publisher’s business models and how best to apply them to maximize return to both the publisher and Microsoft.

Key challenges: Directly/indirectly influence the publishers business; technical proficiency to evangelize various Xbox & Windows technologies; co-ordinate all aspects of the relationship with the publisher and orchestrate the different resources available within the Gaming division to win the publisher’s mind; balance the publisher’s business and goals whilst keeping the priorities of Microsoft firmly in mind.

Key Accountabilities: work with the publishers and developers to maximize sales and hence royalty revenues of 3rd party titles and keep those royalties growing year on year; evangelize Microsoft gaming initiatives, secure exclusive games for Xbox, Games for Windows, Mobile, or at least ship simultaneously with rival formats; encourage and promote publishers to support LIVE; leverage cross group collaboration within Microsoft to help support your publisher; maximize the publishers general satisfaction level from dealing with Microsoft; work closely with the portfolio team to ensure that a diverse range of software is available; evangelize your publisher internally to help ensure future design decisions (XDK, LIVE, Games for Windows, Mobile, business models, etc…) Knowledge, skills and experience:

Required: minimum of 8 years experience within PC, Mobile & console gaming/entertainment industry, excellent experience in supporting diverse external customers or partners, and strong business acumen.

Essential functional/technical skills: in-depth working knowledge of video game industry and history; experience of game design and production; basic technical knowledge of graphics, audio, and networking a plus.

Source: Microsoft here & here

Asus set to announce first Android smartphone in Q4 2009

Asustek president and CEO Jerry Shen (left) and chairman Jonney Shih (right)
Here’s another blow to Microsoft, according to Digitimes Asus is set to announce their first Android smartphone before the end of the year. Nothing else is know besides this so let’s just wait and see. The Android world is getting crowded lately and is starting to look more & more like Windows Mobile; every OEM/ODM is jumping on the bandwagon building Android phones but only a few are worth talking about (HTC & Motorola so far).

Source: Digitimes

T-Mobile Samsung Behold II to launch on November 18th ?

Samsung Behold II launch

According to a TmoNews who supposedly got their hands on some internal T-Mobile slides, the Samsung Behold II Android smartphone (also known as the Samsung Galaxy in other parts of the world) is going to launch on November 18th. Still no word on the pricing though.

Source: TmoNews

AT&T HTC Pure review

Adam over at Pocketnow has just finished his HTC Pure review. As you already know the Pure is AT&T’s version of the HTC Diamond2 which has been available in Europe/Asia since May/June, the only difference being that the Pure ships with Windows Mobile 6.5 on board. Here’s the conclusion:

The Pure is a great device for a number of reasons, but doesn’t really offer anything outstandingly new… other than Windows Mobile 6.5. It’s not smaller or thinner than the original Touch Diamond. It doesn’t bring anything innovative like the Verizon Imagio’s FLO TV network. It doesn’t have a fantastic keyboard or cool speakerphone/conference calling features like the Touch Pro2. The camera is a higher resolution 5MP, but the sensor is small and grainy with low image quality just like on all other cell phone cameras.

Overall, I’m not terribly impressed with the Pure. However, for $150, it is a pretty good price for a solid Windows Phone on AT&T.

Now if you are not stuck on AT&T I would suggest you to get yourself an HTC Hero (it’s got nearly similar specs but runs Android) or wait for the Motorola Droid on Verizon or the HTC HD2 in Q1 2010. I must admit that it’s hard to get excited about a Windows Mobile smartphone after seeing the HD2 especially when we know that it will probably be upgradable to Windows Mobile 7 (the HTC Pure will not so you will be stuck with WM6.5.x).

Source: Pocketnow

HTC HD2 car kit is going to cost nearly $100

According to UK internet retailer Clove the HTC HD2 CU S400 car kit is going to cost £55 (£63.25 inc VAT nearly $100). That’s a bit on the high side in my opinion even with the neat battery cover that activates the NaviPanel as soon as the phone is attached to the mount.

Source: Clove via Slashgear