HTC HD2 hitting O2 UK on October 19th ?

Well that’s the latest rumor straight from O2 UK. According to CoolSmartPhone one of their readers who called O2 told them that the HTC HD2 is launching there on October 19th. It’s a tiny bit too early IMO (rumors are that the final ROM won’t be done beofre October 16th), but you never know…

Source: CoolSmartPhone

Shazam Music discovery application is now available on Windows Mobile

One of the most popuplar mobile application to date is now finally available on the Windows Mobile platform thanks to the launch of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. The Shazam music discovery application is now live on the marketplace, here’s the full press release:

Shazam, the world’s leading mobile music discovery provider, today announced the availability of its music discovery application for Windows phones via the just-launched Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Shazam will be offering a free version as well as a separate full-featured version which users can access for a one-time fee. This will be the first time Shazam is simultaneously offering two versions of its applications at once, giving Windows phone users the choice as to how they want to experience and use Shazam.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Microsoft Corp.’s new mobile store that allows users to browse and download mobile applications to more than 50 million existing Windows® Mobile devices, operates on an innovative new operating system that gives users access to quality applications through a seamless shopping experience. Shazam allows users to discover and share music simply by holding a phone up to a song as it is playing. The Shazam application has been downloaded by more than 8 million users on the iPhone App Store and is among the most popularly downloaded applications on BlackBerry App World, Nokia’s Ovi Store and Google’s Market.

“Windows Mobile is the latest platform for which we have developed our music discovery application that has been used and enjoyed by so many people around the world already,” said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam. “We are delighted to have been included as part of the debut of Windows Marketplace and we are very pleased to be working together with Microsoft to deliver the Shazam service to a whole new population of users.”

Users of the free Shazam application will have the ability to discover up to five songs per month and have the option to share their discovered music. Premium users will get unlimited tagging capabilities plus additional features that include:

* Access to Shazam’s Tag Charts which indicate what music and which artists are hot and are being tagged by Shazam users in country

* Recommendations for similar tracks based on the tagged songs and artists

* Biographies of tagged artists and bands

* Music and album reviews, and discographies

New users will be offered the opportunity to trial the full-featured Shazam application for seven days, after which they will be prompted to purchase it or revert to the limited, free edition.

“Shazam has proven to be a popular application across numerous devices and platforms,” said Jason Lim, director of ISV and developer experience at Microsoft. “With this in mind, we’re excited to have Shazam as part of the global launch of Windows Marketplace for Mobile. The Shazam application will provide people with a unique and compelling music discovery experience and we’re very pleased to offer it.”

At launch, the Shazam applications on Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be available in English in more than thirty markets around the world. Shazam expects to roll out multi-language versions in the coming weeks.

Just a little note: ““Windows Mobile is the latest platform for which we have developed our music discovery application that has been used and enjoyed by so many people around the world already,” isn’t really the thruth. Windows Mobile was actualy the first platform to have Shazam a couple of years ago. It’s called AM Music ID and was availalbe only on Samsung WinMo phones.

Music ID shazam

Source: Shazam

More HTC HD2 action on video

Here’s some more HTC HD 2 acion on video. The first one is an interview of HTC-Deutschland-Chef Lars-Christian Weisswange done by You will see a glimps of Google maps, Opera Mobile and digital compass action in there:

The second one is a short walk-through othe the device from Stuff.TV:

And finally the official promo video of the HD2:

That’s all for now..