On more HTC HD2 video walkthrough

Slow news day I guess, so I’m just going to post this short HTC HD2 video action for your viewing pleasure. There’s some Opera Mobile 9.7 action in there to:

Source: YouTube via WMPoweruser

Steve Ballmer on Windows Mobile 7 : “We know we have to kill on that one”

Well it’s nice (or scary depending on how you look at it) to see Microsoft‘s CEO admiting that Windows Mobile as we know it (6.X) isn’t really what’s hot on the streets right now. According to Boston.com Steve Ballmer had a “breakfest” with a dozen of CEO’s who questioned him on Windows Mobile:

The one sparky interchange — no surprise — seems to have been initiated by angel investor (and former Lotus exec) John Landry, who said it seemed to him that Microsoft is still very much focused on desktop computing, and considers all other devices to be peripherals to the PC. Landry waved his iPhone and said he does 80 percent of his work on that device. Ballmer responded by saying that Microsoft was aware that it has to do much better with Windows Mobile 7, its forthcoming mobile operating system (the release of which has been pushed back into 2010). “We know we have to kill on that one,” a meeting attendee recalled Ballmer saying. (I’ve got a call in to Landry, to get his version of the discussion about the iPhone.)

Twitter entrepreneur Laura Fitton also noted that very few people are developing Twitter apps for Windows Mobile. Ballmer responded by saying Microsoft realizes that the company is engaged in a long campaign to get more developers writing apps for the Windows Mobile OS.

Remmber, it’s not the first time we hear Ballmer talk like that about Windows Mobile 7. He said something similar during the company’s Venture Capital Summitlast month. Oh and that Laura Fitton gal sure doesn’t know what she is talking about, there is already more than 13 Twittter apps on Windows Mobile (see here), the latest being TouchTwit.

Source: Boston.com thanks for the tip Mike

Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 live shot

Xperia X3
The Russian (?) boys at 4pda.info just posted what looks like one of the first live shot of Sony Ericsson’s first Android smartphone, the Xperia X3. Not much is known about the device besides the rumored specs (Qualcomm snapdragon chipset, 4″ capacitive touchscreen etc..). The device pictured above doesn’t seem to run the UI we’ve seen demoed before (see the video below) though, hopefully Android 2.0 will be on board once the device hits the market in the coming months.

Source 4pda.info