Windows Mobile 7 RTM in Spring 2010?

Here’s some interesting Info discovered by Stephen Chapman aka UXevangelist aka MSFTKitchen (here sure loves to change his name lately ;) ). He found some fairly new (dated August 2009) internal Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint slide showing that Windows Mobile 7 is planed to hit RTM in Spring 2010 (this would mean that WM7 phones would hit the market roughly 5 to 6 months later).
There’s also two mock-up screenshots of Office Mobile 7 which look quite a lot like those WM7 concept screen we have seen nearly two years ago. Like Stephan said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are out of date. My guess is that the final version of WinMo7 won’t look like that. For more Windows Mobile 7 info click here.

Source: MSFTKitchen

Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows Phone Preview

Giorgio Armani
It didn’t take too long until we get the first preview of the newly announced Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. Like I said earlier the phone is basically a rebranded Omnia Pro B7610 so don’t expect anything new in there (other that the pivoting screen & 8Gb of internal memory instead of 1Gb on the B7610). Now that HTC has announced the HTC HD2 it’s hard to get excited about any other in the Windows Mobile device (in terms or specs/feartures and hype/anticipation). Samsung should IMO promote the fact that this phone (like the Omnia II) has a fairly good OpenGL ES 2.0 chipset clocked @ 800Mhz (the S3C6410).

The Samsung Giorgio Armani looks like quite a promising, Windows Mobile powered smartphone. As a whole, we are pleasantly impressed by the personalization pack that the manufacturer seems to have polished to perfection to allow improved ease of use, but we just don’t know if how many people would go for its rather kitschy overall look. If you are looking for a functional, business device that will undoubtedly attract attention, the Samsung Giorgio Armani is definitely your option. We will let you know more about it when we have managed to get our hands on a final, retail unit.

Update: Here’s a hands-on video of the device during the launch event (Thanks Luca) :

Source: PhoneArena

Maemo 6 UI information & N900 hands-on videos

UMPCPortal grabed some pictures of Nokia‘s Maemo keynote during the Maemo summit today. So far we now have conformation that Maemo 6 will have native support for capacitive touch panel and multi-touch support. What doesn’t change is the TI OMA3 chipset support, OpenGL ES and WVGA screen resolution. The next version will also have portrait mode unlike Maemo 5 which only support landscape. Maemo 6 ins’t expected until late 2010 and I can’t wait to see what Nokia is cooking as the successor to the N900. Windows Mobile 7 vs Maemo 6!

Here are also two Nokia N900 hands-on vidoes showing the device in action (some OGL ES 2 demo, flash in the browser etc..):

Source: UMPCPortal

Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows Phone unvieled

Samsung and Microsoft have just unvieled the long rumored Giorgio Armani Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone (Windows Phone). as it was expected the devices has basicalythe same specifications as the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 with one major difference being the sliding qwerty keyboard which pivots 30° verticaly (like the Nokia N97 and HTC Touch Pro2). Check out the video of the launch event below:

Full press release here

Source: Yahoo via Engadget

HTC HD2 first look preview

HTC HD2 russia
The russian boys from just posted their first impression after handling HTC‘s latest and greatest Windows Mobile 6.5 powered device, the HD2. You find lot’s of pictures of the device with some wacky google transtlated impression:

It remains to say that in HD2 company sells a lot of small innovations, which need detailed study to draw any conclusions. Available interface Sense – pure speculation and promotion of a new catchy name, so the company will now be called interfaces, and for WM-units, and for Android. In fact, Sense of HD2 – it’s all the same TouchFLO 3D, of course, greatly revised and many new features, but the logic of the interface is the one we know of TouchFLO, not Sense.

In the HD2 will be in large numbers, as I suppose, a variety of «wow»-tricks, the obvious once I mentioned graphic effects of weather on the main screen. Previously, it was necessary “to go” on a separate page with the weather, to see how it swept away the rain clouds, or are, in HD2, these effects will become the background on the main screen (for example, passing clouds). When you see it, and I want to say “wow”, so that the function works.

Read the whole Thing here

Source: Mobile-Review

In-depth review of the HTC Imagio

HTC Imagio review2 (Small)
PhoneArena has once again posted an in-depth spartphone review. This time it’s the recently released Verizon HTC Imagio (XV6975) running Windows Mobile 6.5 and for the first time Verizon’s VCast mobile TV thanks toQualcomm‘s FLOtv technology.

One area where the Imagio is different from other HTC smartphones for Verizon is that it is more of a multimedia device. This is evident with the inclusion a kickstand and media services like VCast Video, Music with Rhapsody, and Mobile TV. With the VCast Mobile TV service, powered by Qualcomm’s FLO TV network, you can view live and prerecorded TV shows on the device. Even though there is currently only a small selection of channels available, it is cool to be able to watch TV on your phone. You can view the video in standard 4:3 format, or stretch it to fill the width of the screen. The only downside to this service is in regards to the video quality and compression. When watching on a 3.6” screen you can easily see block-pixelation, which would be less noticeable on a smaller screen, but the only solution would be for the video to be broadcast at a higher resolution.

Read the full review here

Source: PhoneArena via WMPoweruser

Nokia releases official Qt port to Maemo 5

Nokia‘s Qt cross-platform application and UI framework has now been officialy ported to the Maemo 5 OS and a Technology Preview made available for download now yo start developing on the Nokia N900. This new version ensure that applications can be developped for Maemo 5 (and Maemo 6 in the future) Symbian and Windows Mobile and is based on Qt‘s upcoming version 4.6 scheduled for final release in Q1 of 2010. For more information head over the Qt site here.

Source: Nokia

Sprint HTC Hero available now through Telesales

According to a couple of Sprint users, the HTC Hero is available now through Sprint Telesales. Some users were also able to keep the SERO plan instead of having to switch to a $59.99 EPRP plan in order to get the Hero, but it sounds like it depends on the Sprint rep you get on the phone. You’re are either lucky or not. Or you can just wait for the offical launch on October 11th.

Source: SprintUsers thanks for the tip Miguel

10 minutes long HTC HD2 hands-on video

The Polish boys over at just posted a 10 minutes long hands-on video of HTC’s beast the SnapDragon powered HTC HD2:

Can’t wait to get my hands on one in the coming weeks. Windows Mobile is finally getting the hadware it deserves. If all goes well the HD2 should be upgradeable to Windows Mobile 7 (officialy or unofficialy)

Source: Vimeo via

HTC HD2 won’t come to Orange UK ?

HD2 offi
Bad news for all you Orange UK user. The HTC HD2 is a no go for you. according to a Tweet from Orange’s Conor Maples the company won’t be ranging the HD2 (looks like the tweet was deleted). CoolSmartPhone got confirmation from Conor too.
So far we are sure that O2 UK is getting and T-Mobile UK too. In France, all three operators ( SFR, Oragne & Bouygues ) are confirmed to offer the HD2 in November.

Source: CoolSmartPhone