Upcoming AT&T HTC and Garmin-Asus phones prices

The BGR boys got tipped some nice info regarding the release of the HTC Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2 on AT&T. The HTC Pure (Diamond2) will be $199 on contract (after $50 MIR) and $349.99 Off contract. The Tilt2 (Touch Pro2) will be $299 on contract (after $50 MIR) and $499.99 off contract. The other info is that the long delayed Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 is finally coming out soon for $299.99 on contract (after a $100 MIR) and $549.99 off contract.

Source: BGR

HTC Touch Pro2 to launch as the AT&T Tilt 2 on October 6th

All you Windows Mobile fans on AT&T should get ready cause the HTC Touch Pro2 is launching on October 6 as the Tilt 2. It’s the day WM 6.5 is launching so it’s safe to say that it should be on board.

Update: The new target is apparently October 18th.

Source: BGR