Acer NeoTouch P300 review

SlashGear has just posted a review of Acer’s latest Windows Mobile 6.5.3 device, the neoTouch P300. There’s frankly not much to say about it other than wonder who is going to buy such a low-end handset.The neoTouch is still powered by the MSMS 7201 SoC that everybody loves to hate, has a resistive WQVGA touchscreen and runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3. Frankly, any Android handset would be better. Here’s their conclusion:

Not much consumer attraction, then, but as a solid business device the P300 doesn’t break the bank or let you down in day to day functionality. It’s easy to become blinkered when faced with the latest and greatest cellphones day in, day out, and lose track of the fact that, for many buyers, basic features are all that’s really needed. Still, we’d probably look to budget Android devices ourselves; the HTC Hero may not have a hardware keyboard, but it’s only £20 (pre-tax) more. Our lasting concern is the longevity of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 – or, more accurately, the lack of it – since there’s no chance that the neoTouch P300 would see an upgrade to Windows Phone 7 later in the year. Nevertheless, even if superseded, the software will still do everything you asked of the P300 on the day you bought it, and there’s a considerable catalog of third-party apps available through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile that won’t run on a WP7 handset. We’d be happier if the P300 had a little more shaved off the price – a sub-£200 SIM-free smartphone would make for a decent argument – but if your ambitions are merely moderate and you’re dedicated to Exchange then the Acer is a reasonable no-frills budget buy.

Source: SlashGear

Acer neoTouch in-depth review

acer netouch review
GSMArena just posted their review of Acer’s SnapDragon Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone the neoTouch. As it’s usualy the case they’ve packed the review with screenshots, pictures samples. They’ve concluded that the device will prebably have a hard time against the HTC HD2 and that it’s best to wait a little bit until the price is lowered. What should be noted though is that as we have seen earlier, the neoTouch is currently the fastest Windows Phone on the market.

The Acer neoTouch left us with mixed feelings. On the plus side it comes with the much heralded high-end 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU. It also has a huge 3.8″ display and runs the latest Windows Mobile OS. And last but not least, it handles the OS very well and packs all kinds of connectivity options.

Switching to the negatives, Acer have done little to customize the OS, there is no dedicated music or video player beyond what Microsoft have to offer (and it’s not much). There’s no DivX/XviD support, the camera photo and video quality is a downer and there is no GPS satnav software on board. Acer have left Windows Mobile almost stripped to the bone, and this is inexcusable given what the likes of HTC and Samsung are doing in terms of making the interface more user-friendly. The final straw comes from the less than stellar video playback and poor choice of accessories in the retail box.

We have to admit though the neoTouch is not among the top-priced smartphones out there, so the lack of sweeties in the box and other omissions such as the GPS navigation software are not a major point against. But even for a mid-priced device we don’t think it’s too much to ask for a decent music player and some additional codec support.

Source: GSMArena

Acer neoTouch benchmarked: the fastest Windows Phone ever?

neoTouch review
Is the Acer neoTouch the fastest Windows Mobile device ever? Well according to SoloPalmari, who’ve posted Part 1 of their review, that’s how it looks like. Keep in mind that the HTC HD2 was running a pre-released rom though (and we don’t know how it was teste.. Was the TouchFLO/Sense UI disabled before running the benchmarks? etc..).


What in the rankings, perhaps more striking is the sharp gap between the leader and his immediate pursuer, while the fast HTC HD2, also implemented with QSD chipset Qualcomm MSM 8250 Snapdragon. The difference in overall performance is probably attributable to three reasons. The first is adopted by the different user interface terminals: much lighter is dell’Acero neoTouch. The second reason is the obvious gap in performance by individuals, in our opinion, implementation by dell’HD2 multitouch technology, responsible for a further burden on system resources. Finally an important role can be played by “tuning” the system of two competitors. Note the technical framework: the Acer neoTouch seems designed to “run” more, so much so that in front of a display from the diagonal well below that of its competitor the amperage of the battery is rather greater, in order to offset the strong consumption resulting from the “push” services.

See the video of the HTC HD2 vs Acer neoTouch here

Source: SoloPalmari

HTC HD2 vs Acer neoTouch benchmark

One more HTC HD2 video for the night. This time it’s the HD2 going against the Acer neoTouch in CorePlayer. The two Windows Mobile 6.5 phones feature the same Qualcomm SnapDragon chipset clocked at 1Ghz.

The Acer neoTouch came on top by scoring 262.50% vs 228.93% for the HD2. Remember that the HD2 used isn’t running the latest rom though.

Source: SoloPalmari

Mobile Browser test: HTC HD2 vs Acer neoTouch vs iPhone 3GS

SoloPalamari just posted a quick browser comparison between the HTC HD2 (Opera Mobile 9.7) , Acer neoTouch (IE Mobile 6) & iPhone 3GS (Safari). Unfotunitely the test doesn’t really mean much because the Opera Turbo mode was enabled on the HTC HD2 (page are compressed on Opera’s proxy server to boost download speed) & the browser cache wasn’t cleared on all the phones.

Source: SoloPalmari

Acer neoTouch S200 reviewed, hated

Acer neoTouch s200
Well it looks like Acer is on a mission to ruin Windows Mobile. Today PhoneArena posted their review of theSnapdragon powered Acer neTouch S200 (Acer F1) and it doesn’t look nice at all. Just like the beTouch E200, the neTouch S200 suffers from some major problems:

It´s time everyone heard the verdict. Guilty as charged! Just a joke, of course. Now, let´s get to brass tacks. The Acer neoTouch S200 is a Windows phone that is equipped with really capable hardware components, but its software has not been properly optimized, which leads to occasional lagging. Moreover, the social network integration that Acer promised is perfunctory – aside from the Facebook app, all the others fail to deliver even basic functions like video upload on YouTube. To top it off, the Acer neoTouch S200 is a mediocre performer in terms of in-call quality, which is not a minor disadvantage.

Everything about the Acer´s first 1GHz handset goes to show the manufacturer needs to put a lot of efforts into their devices before catching up with its major rivals – HTC and Samsung. We would recommend that you opt for the Samsung Omnia II I8000, HTC Touch Diamond2 or wait for the HTC HD2 if you intend to get a device with huge display and 1GHz processor.

Read the whole review here

Acer neoTouch / F1 review

Acer neoTouch
Pocketnow just posted their full review of Acer’s SnapDragon powered neoTouch / F1 smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5 . Aside from the fast CPU and relatively cheap price they weren’t really impressed with the device. Here’s their final impressions:

The neoTouch S200 is comparable to an inexpensive sports car that has a turbocharged engine but lacks in quality in every other aspect. You know the type. While it’s great that Acer was able to build a Snapdragon chipset into their top of the line device, and while it’s great that they succeeded in making a truly fast device, it’s still an Acer phone. Build quality is low, the software is buggy, and the device lacks certain features and functions that a high end device should have like a good camera and good speakerphone. My advice to you: if you want cheap speed, the neoTouch will make you happy. But if you want a more well-rounded device that exhibits the qualities of a top-tier smartphone, check out the Samsung Omnia II or the upcoming HTC HD2.

For my part I would say that you should also skip the Omnia II and just wait for the HTC HD2 (or future capacitive Windows Mobile devices). From my experience, the resistive screen on the Omnia II isn’t good at all and it won’t be upgradable to WM7 like the HD2 (offiacially or unofficialy).

Source: PocketNow

Acer neoTouch / F1 software tour

Pocketnow just posted the third part of their Acer neoTouch / F1 review (see the rest here). This time they took a look at the software on board. Don’t expect anything fancy like HTC’s Sense or TouchFLO here. The phone is fast and responsive though, htanks to Qualcomm’s SnapDragon chipset:

Source: Pocketnow

Acer neoTouch / F1 unboxing and first impressions videos

Pocketnow posted their first impressions of the newly released Acer neoTouch (F1). As you already know the neoTouch is the second SnapDragon device commercialy available (the first being the Toshiba TG01 and the third the HTC HD2). My only regret is that it still has a resistive touchscreen (instead of capacitive) and Acer didn’t really tweak the UI all that much.


Hardware Tour:

Source: Pocketnow