Microsoft KIN: Tegra APX 2600 on board and worldwide release info

I asked Microsoft if they could tell me which Tegra chipset was used in the KIN handsets and finally got an answer: it’s the Tegra APX 2600. I basically wanted to make sure that it was not the 2500 version (see full KIN specs here). The APX 2600 is indeed the same SoC used in the Zune HD so it should be pretty clear now that the underlying OS used on the KIN handset is closer to the Zune OS than it is to WP7 (which doesn’t use the same Kernel). One has to wonder why Microsoft didn’t announce some kind of A/V connector for the KIN Phones to output HD content bought in the Zune Marketplace orsShot with the 8Mpix camera of the KIN TWO. It would be great if their was a HDMI dock similar to the Zune HD one IMO.

When it comes to world wide availability of the handsets, Microsoft has already announced that Vodafone is set to launch them in Germany,Spain, italy and the UK. Microsoft didn’t ink a deal yet with French operators yet, but they expect/hope to release them this fall. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft is going to deal with the nearly simultaneous launch of Windows Phone 7 and KIN in Europe. The Zune Pass/Marketplace will also officially launch in Europe at the same time. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean the Bing is going out of beta in those countries (expect in the UK where it’s already out of beta), Microsoft told me that the Bing roadmap isn’t tide to the Windows Phone 7 and Kin launch in Europe.

20 Minutes long KIN hands-on video

Here’s a 20 Minutes long hands-on video of the KIN devices and KIN Studio from MS’s Channel9:

KIN Studio, KIN Camera, KIN Loop and KIN Spot Videos

Micrososft has just uploaded a couple of KIN videos on YouTube showing the product and UI in action:

KIN Studio:

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Microsoft KIN Press Release

REDMOND, Wash. — April 12, 2010 — Microsoft Corp. today announced KIN, a new Windows® Phone designed specifically for people who are actively navigating their social lives. Brought to life through partnerships with Verizon Wireless, Vodafone and Sharp Corporation, KIN is designed to be the ultimate social experience that blends the phone, online services and the PC with breakthrough new experiences called the Loop, Spot and Studio. KIN will be exclusively available from Verizon Wireless in the U.S. beginning in May and from Vodafone this autumn in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

“Working closely with our partners, we saw an opportunity to design a mobile experience just for this social generation — a phone that makes it easy to share your life moment to moment,” said Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. “We built KIN for people who live to be connected, share, express and relate to their friends and family. This social generation wants and needs more from their phone. KIN is the one place to get the stuff you care about to the people you care about most.”

A New Kind of Social Phone

With KIN, social networking is built into the fabric of the phone. KIN has a fun, simple interface, which is designed to help people publish the magazine of their life by making the people and stuff they love the focus rather than menus and icons. The unique hardware design was developed in partnership with Sharp to create a new kind of social phone. There are two models called KIN ONE and KIN TWO. Both phones feature a touch screen and slide-out keyboard. ONE is small and compact, making it a perfect fit for a pocket and to operate with one hand. TWO has a larger screen and keyboard, in addition to more memory, a higher resolution camera, and the ability to record high-definition video. The 5 and 8 megapixel cameras in ONE and TWO, respectively, are designed for use in low light with image stabilization and a bright LumiLED flash.

The New Way to Share

The home screen of the phone is called the KIN Loop, which is always up to date and always on, showing all the things happening in someone’s social world. KIN automatically brings together feeds from leading Microsoft and third-party services such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter all in one place, making it easier to stay connected. Customers can also select their favorite people, and KIN will automatically prioritize their status updates, messages, feeds and photos. Another unique feature, the KIN Spot is a new way for people to share what’s going on in their world. It lets them focus first on the people and stuff they want to share rather than the specific application they want to use. Videos, photos, text messages, Web pages, location and status updates are shared by simply dragging them to a single place on the phone called the Spot. Once all the people and content are in the Spot to share, the consumer can choose how to share, and start broadcasting.

Your Phone, on the Web

KIN Studio is your phone online. Almost everything created on the phone is available in the cloud from any Web browser. Photos and videos are freed from the confines of the phone and presented in an online visual timeline so they are easy to view and share. The KIN Studio automatically backs up texts, call history, photos, videos and contacts, and populates a personalized digital journal so it’s easy to go back in time to relive a crazy weekend or recent birthday. And the KIN Studio gives customers tons of storage to keep all those photos, videos, contacts and texts so they’ll never run out of space on their phone and lose a memory.

Music and More

KIN will be the first Windows Phone to feature a Zune experience — including music, video, FM radio and podcast playback. With a Zune Pass subscription, customers using Zune software on their PC can listen to millions of songs from Zune Marketplace on their KIN while on the go, or load their personal collection. KIN also has other features customers want in a phone including a rich browser with the ability to share pieces of the Web, local and Web search by Bing, and an RSS feed reader to pull down information on people and stories from the Web.

Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two Specs unveiled

We finally have the full specs of Micrososft’s Project Pink Handsets :

KIN ONE specs:

Form factor: Vertical slide, QWERTY
Display: 2.6″ TFT, QVGA (320 x 240), capacitive touch screen
Chipset: nVidia Tegra APX 2600
Camera: 5.0MP CMOS anti-shake, autofocus, dual LED flash
Speakers: Mono
Memory: 256MB DDR RAM, 4GB storage
Battery: 1240 mAh
Connectivity: EV-DO Rev A, Bluetooth 2.1 w/A2DP, Hi-speed USB, 802.11b/g
Other: Assisted GPS, FM radio, accelerometer

KIN TWO specs:

Form Factor: Vertical slide, QWERTY
Display: 3.4″ TFT, QVGA (480 x 320), capacitive touch screen
Chipset: nVidia Tegra APX 2600
Camera: 8.0MP HDR CMOS from Omnivision with anti-shake, autofocus, Lumi LED flash
Speakers: Mono
Memory: 256MB DDR RAM, 8GB storage
Battery: 1390 mAh
Connectivity: EV-DO Rev A, Bluetooth 2.1 w/A2DP, Hi-speed USB, 802.11b/g
Other: Assisted GPS, FM radio, accelerometer

Here’s the official website:

Update: added the Tegra APX2600 info

Micrososft One & Microsoft Two Pink handsets show up on Verizon: Kin One & Kin Two

There’s only a couple of hours left before Microsoft unveils their Project Pink handsets but it looks like Pure and Turtle are already showing up in Verizon‘s database according to the picture above. The phones are names MS ONE & MS TWO or Kin One & Kin Two , it’s still unknown if these are the final names.

Source: PhoneArena

Microsoft Pink announcement Live Webcast Monday at 10AM PT

Micrososft is going to webcast tomorrows Pink (Turtle & Pure) confernce/announcement live on the press website at 10AM PT. Yes this is the Trutle handset in the picutre above… The live webcast will be available here.

Microsoft’s Project Pink Turtle phone caught in the wild

Looks like a Ninja caught Microsoft’s Project Pink Turtle phone in the wild as seen in the picture above. The Turtle and Pure handsets are expected to be announced Monday in San Fransisco (and NYC) and launch on Verizon at the end of this month (April 20 is the rumored date). Here’s what the guy who took the picture had to say:

Seattle Washington

I was able to see the phone in action with a version of windows 7 mobile running on it.

It was smooth and responsive. I was not allowed to take any more pictures of it.

He also had the larger slider phone that is geared more for men with windows 7 mobile on it as well.

Sandisk also let slip that their micro-sd memory cards will be compatible with the Turtle and Pure phones according to PhoneScoop (they didn’t provide any source though). Yup PhoneScoop was full of shit: The KIN handsets don’t have micro-sd slots…

Source: YouTube via Engadget

Microsoft Pink announcement on April 12th ?

The boys at Engadget  have just received a package from Microsoft with an invitation to an event on April 12th in San Francisco. Looks at the pictures I’m thinking that it will probably be the official Pink (TMDP) announcement before the rumored April 20th launch on Verizon. The invitations style/colors matches/looks similar to the images extracted from the Pink ROMs a little while ago

Source: Engadget

Microsoft Pink Phones launching on Verizon on April 20th?

Wow, Microsoft is leaking all over the place this week. Engadget just posted é new pictures of the Tutrle and Pure handset and some more info about the release date.

According to their sources, the 2 phone will launch exclusively on Verizon with a rumored street date of April 20th and TMDP actualu means “Truly, madly, deeply“. Below you’ll see a couple of images exctracted from the device’s ROMs:

Vodafone is likely to be the international launch partner confirming what I’ve heard at MWC (Pink is launching worldwide, not only US) I still think that all the Microsoft/Danger branded stuff is just a wast of time and Money. Microsoft should ficus on Windows Phone 7 Series instead.

Microsoft’s Project Pink handset headed to Verizon? First live pictures!

The boys at Gizmodo supposedly got their hands on what looks like the first live picture of a Microsoft Pink handset. As you can see it’s looks sort of like a SideKick handset (sliding-keyboard with a large screen). The device is said to be the Pure (and not the smaller Turtle). According to the tipster the device’s UI feature transitions like those found on the Zune HD and Windows Phone 7 Series OS. The actual OS powering the Pink Handsets is still a mystery though. A Job Ad I found says that the PMX team at Microsoft (the team in charge of Pink) is actually working on “Windows Mobile”:

The Premium Mobile Experiences Team will redefine the mobile phone for millions of everyday users around the world. We are looking for an intuitive and driven Visual Design Lead to push the future mobile devices forward. The successful candidate will be part of the senior leadership team driving and delivering the UI vision, UI architecture, interaction design and design for future Windows Mobile devices.

The Giz also got some Marketing material related to the Pink launch on Verizon here.

Source: Microsoft & Gizmodo

AT&T HTC Pure review

Adam over at Pocketnow has just finished his HTC Pure review. As you already know the Pure is AT&T’s version of the HTC Diamond2 which has been available in Europe/Asia since May/June, the only difference being that the Pure ships with Windows Mobile 6.5 on board. Here’s the conclusion:

The Pure is a great device for a number of reasons, but doesn’t really offer anything outstandingly new… other than Windows Mobile 6.5. It’s not smaller or thinner than the original Touch Diamond. It doesn’t bring anything innovative like the Verizon Imagio’s FLO TV network. It doesn’t have a fantastic keyboard or cool speakerphone/conference calling features like the Touch Pro2. The camera is a higher resolution 5MP, but the sensor is small and grainy with low image quality just like on all other cell phone cameras.

Overall, I’m not terribly impressed with the Pure. However, for $150, it is a pretty good price for a solid Windows Phone on AT&T.

Now if you are not stuck on AT&T I would suggest you to get yourself an HTC Hero (it’s got nearly similar specs but runs Android) or wait for the Motorola Droid on Verizon or the HTC HD2 in Q1 2010. I must admit that it’s hard to get excited about a Windows Mobile smartphone after seeing the HD2 especially when we know that it will probably be upgradable to Windows Mobile 7 (the HTC Pure will not so you will be stuck with WM6.5.x).

Source: Pocketnow

Amazon offering the HTC Pure for free!

HTC Pure free (Small)
Well it’s not actualy free, it will cost you a penny! I don’t know how long it will last but Amazon is currently selling the AT&T HTC Pure windows mobile 6.5 smartphone for a pretty penny with a service plan. Head over here to grab it.

Source: Amazon via WMexperts & GearDiary

AT&T HTC Pure availabe now, Tilt2 in the following weeks

AT&T has finally announced the HTC Pure and Tilt2 (HTC Touch Pro2). The AT&T Pure is availalbe today a full day before the launch of WinMo 6.5, for $149.99 on contract after a $50 rebate; the Tilt2 comes “in the following weeks” for $299.99 after $50 rebate.

Source: MobilityDigest & Engadget

AT&T Pure pictured & handled

The AT&T Pure aka the HTC Diamond2 is seen here for the first time thanks to MobilityDigest. As seen the the picutres the Pure looks exactly like the HTC Diamond2 on T-Mobile in Europe known as the MDA Compact V. The device should be availalbe Octber 6 in timefor the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5.

Source: MobilityDigest via WMPoweruser

Upcoming AT&T HTC and Garmin-Asus phones prices

The BGR boys got tipped some nice info regarding the release of the HTC Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2 on AT&T. The HTC Pure (Diamond2) will be $199 on contract (after $50 MIR) and $349.99 Off contract. The Tilt2 (Touch Pro2) will be $299 on contract (after $50 MIR) and $499.99 off contract. The other info is that the long delayed Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 is finally coming out soon for $299.99 on contract (after a $100 MIR) and $549.99 off contract.

Source: BGR