Windows Phone 7 Review

It’s now time to take an in-depth look at Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system now that the project has finally seen the light of the day after years of tumultuous developments. This review is quite long so I’m first going to give you a quick history reminder about the development of the OS followed by description of the product’s features and my opinion of it.

Officially unveiled back in February 2010 during MWC in Barcelona, Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft last attempt to be relevant in the mobile market after the slow demise of Windows Mobile 6.X that took place during past few years. Contrary to popular belief Windows Mobile as we knew it wasn’t a bad OS, but it greatly suffered from Microsoft’s total lack of support and interest in its product and the only reason why it managed to survived this long was because OEMs like HTC poured R&D and money into developing alternative UIs to compete with Apple’s iPhone and later, Google’s Android. What many people don’t know is that Windows Phone 7’s development initially started back in 2004 when it was called Windows Mobile 7 (code named Photon) but because of a lack of motivation, foresight and some relatively stupid decisions taken by the Redmond company (like the Danger acquisition that later gave birth to the Kin devices) the development was a total mess and in Fall 2008 Microsoft finally decided to stop all ongoing Photon / Windows Mobile 7 development and re-start everything from scratch with a new team composed of the developers of the Zune media player and Windows Media Center.

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PowerPoint 2010 and SharePoint 2010 on Windows Phone 7 showcase


Here’s a short clip from yesterday Office 2010 keynote in NYC showcase the PowerPoint 2010 broadcasting feature on Windows Phone 7 and also the SharePoint 2010 integration in the Office Hub. You can watch the full keynote on Microsoft’s PressPass website here and also check my video walkthrough of the Office HUB here.

Source: Microsoft

Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Mobile released

Today marks official launch of Microsoft’s Office 2010 and alongside this event comes the availability of Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Mobile 6.5 for free on the Windows MarketPlace for Mobile. If you are outside of the US just chose United States in the region selector of the Marketplace app and the application will show up in the What’s New section of the store. Here’s the full press release:

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Windows Phone 7 Phone Dialer and Office Hub video walkthrough

I just captured -minutes walkthrough of the latest Windows Phone 7 Emulator rom (build 6176). You will first see the phone dialer in action with the new notification bar that fits at the top of the screen when you’re on a call and do something else (just like on the iPhone). I then take a in-depth look at the latest build of the Office Hub, also note the build version of the ROM: 6176.WM7_RC1escrow(buildlab). This one looks a lot more feature packed than what was present in the previous build and nearly fully functional (no, there’s no copy & paste…;-)).

Windows Mobile 7 Office Mobile UI shows up on Microsoft’s site

Grab it while it’s hot because Microsoft is probably going to pull this down ASAP. Remember those WM7 Office Mobile 7 UI shots discovered by MSFTKitchen a while back ? Well one of them just appeared on the official Office Mobile 2010 website for some unkown reason:

WM7 Office UI
Strange indeed…

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Office Mobile 2010 Beta available on Windows Mobile

Office Mobile 2010 Beta
Microsoft just released the Office Mobile 2010 Beta on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile a few minutes.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 brings the powerful Microsoft Office 2010 tools you use every day at work, home, or school, to the screen of your Windows phone with rich interfaces especially designed for small devices.
By installing this application, you agree that:
* This Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Beta will be disabled on April 5th, 2010.
* Prior versions of Microsoft Office Mobile that were installed after the phone was purchased will be uninstalled. You will need to re-install that software according to the instructions of your original purchase. If Microsoft Office Mobile came pre-installed on your phone, it will not be affected.
* The WINDOWS MARKETPLACE FOR MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGREEMENT applies to your use of this beta application.

View and edit your Microsoft® Office® documents with confidence.
Stay connected to work from anywhere with SharePoint Workspace Mobile.
Stay connected to work from anywhere with SharePoint Workspace Mobile.
Use PowerPoint Mobile as a presentation aid.
Application Requirements: Touch
Released: 11/14/2009
Version: 1.0
Size: 4634 KB

I wonder if it only works on WM6.5 device.

Office Mobile 2010 Beta1
More info here

Office Mobile 2010 coming to all Windows Mobile 6.5 devices

Looks like Microsoft is about to announce/launch Office Mobile 2010 pretty soon. According to the Office 2010 FAQ:

How do I access Office 2010 from my phone?
You can access your Office 2010 files from your phone in the following ways

Office Mobile 2010.
Office Mobile 2010 can be launched from your Start menu on any phone running Windows Mobile 6.5.4 You can also open Office file attachments within your e-mail or documents stored on your Windows phone directly.

Smartphone Web browser.
Publish your documents to SharePoint Server 2010 or Windows Live services, and access and view documents from your smartphone browser.5 You can access InfoPath forms via a full-featured mobile browser powered by SharePoint Server 2010.

4 Runs exclusively on Windows Mobile 6.5

5 Many smartphones using the microbrowser standard (iPhone, RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile) can access documents stored on a server via their smartphone browser.

No luck for Palm Pre & Android users who won’t even have access to the Web version.

Source: Microsoft

Office Mobile 2010 in-depth session at TechEd Europe

Microsoft is going to talk about Office Mobile 2010 during next weeks TechEd in Berlin. The session description is the following:

OFS01-IS Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 In-Depth
Presenter: Dev Balasubramanian
Thu 11/12 | 13:30-14:45 | Interactive Theatre 1 – Red

In this session we cover all of the mobility technologies and scenarios enabled as part of the Office 2010 “wave”. You’ve heard us talk about how Office 2010 spans the PC, Phone and Web — come learn what the Phone pillar is all about! Collaboration scenarios, mobile workflows, and mobile access to data, people, and corporate resources are all part of what makes Office on the phone a new experience in 2010. A refresh to the Office Mobile client apps, an all-new SharePoint Workspace Mobile app, redesigned mobile access to SharePoint site content, as well as the infrastructure needed to support it, are covered as part of this session.

Mary Jo Foley also notes that According to an October blog post by SharePoint Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper:

“We both improved the experience for mobile web browsers and are introducing a new SharePoint Workspace Mobile client so you can take Office content from SharePoint offline on a Windows Mobile device. These clients let you navigate lists and libraries, search content and people and even view and edit Office content within the Office Web App experience running on a mobile browser.”

Office Mobile 2010 was announced back in July and should be available on Windows Mobile devices before the end of the year.

UPDATE: According to a Microsoft spokeperson the Office team isn’t quite ready and the session has been canceled. Let’s see if anything is shows @ PDC..

Source: TechEd via All About Microsoft

Windows Mobile 7 RTM in Spring 2010?

Here’s some interesting Info discovered by Stephen Chapman aka UXevangelist aka MSFTKitchen (here sure loves to change his name lately ;) ). He found some fairly new (dated August 2009) internal Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint slide showing that Windows Mobile 7 is planed to hit RTM in Spring 2010 (this would mean that WM7 phones would hit the market roughly 5 to 6 months later).
There’s also two mock-up screenshots of Office Mobile 7 which look quite a lot like those WM7 concept screen we have seen nearly two years ago. Like Stephan said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are out of date. My guess is that the final version of WinMo7 won’t look like that. For more Windows Mobile 7 info click here.

Source: MSFTKitchen

Microsoft and Nokia to announce office mobile deal tomorrow


Don’t get too excited (like some other blogs..). According to Cnet’s Ina Fried, Microsoft and Nokia are planning a joint press conference tomorrow at 8 am in New York to announce an Office Mobile deal (I’m betting on web-based Office). Redmond and Nokia have already struck a couple deals in the past like an ActiveSync/exchange support deal, then a deal to include Windows Live into Nokia’s phones and more recently one for Silverlight mobile support in future Nokia handsets. The announcement is to be made by Stephen Elop, head of Microsoft’s Business Division, which makes the Office suite of applications, and Kai Oistamo, executive vice president of Nokia Devices. Sorry guys, no Nokia Windows Phones.

Stay tuned…

Source: Cnet