Adobe Reader for Android released

Adobe has just released a official PDF reader for Android today that can be download for free on the Android Market. No big news here given that all Android handsets sold by HTC come with the same application (although this one seems to be updated with a new UI layout) but many Android user with Motorola Droid and Nexus Ones can now finally access pdf docs on their handsets. The Adobe Reader is only compatible with Android 2.1. Check out the video below:
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HTC Desire Review

Following the launch of the Google Nexus One in the US, many Android users, especially in Europe, were eagerly waiting for a similar device to launch worldwide. The HTC Desire was officially announced during Mobile World Congress in February alongside the HTC Legend and HTC HD Mini but wasn’t really a surprise thanks to the leaked roadmap that surfaced a few months earlier. Codenamed HTC Bravo, the Desire is essentially a Nexus One with a few hardware changes and HTC’s Sense UI sitting on top of Android 2.1. So how does it stack up against HTC’s other top of the line handset?

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HTC Desire Software Tour video

Want to see how fast a smooth HTC’s Sense UI runs on the HTC Desire? Check out the video below that I shot today where you’ll will see that the Desire is one heck of speedy handset. as you will see the only time I saw lag was when I set a live Wallpaper (animated wallpaper), so turning it off and reverting back to a traditional one fixed the issue. HTC’s Sense UI on the Desire is basically the same as on the HTC Legend which is an update versions on the one introduced on the HTC Hero nearly one year ago.

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide announced: launching in June with Android 2.1

T-Mobile has finally officially announced the long rumored and often leaked HTC myTouch 3G Slide. The myTouch 3G Slide features a 3.4″ HVGA capacitive screen coupled with a sliding-qwerty keyboard. It will be running Android 2.1 with a couple of unique applications pre-installed in place of the standard Google features For example the handsets will feature the Swype on screen keyboard and a Genius Button that enables voice control of the phone (powered by Dragon Dictation instead of Google’s own voice technology). As it was previously rumored The myTouch 3G Slide is expected to launch in June which is a little bit too late IMO (going against the EVO 4G, iPhone 4G etc)…Here’s the full press-release:

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T-Mobile MyTouch Slide delayed until early June?

According to Brighthand the still unannounced T-Mobile myTouch  Slide Android handset is finally going to debut in early-June rather than May. Nothing is said about the causes of the delay but I wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile is trying to adjust the released date depending on what the competitors are planning. The myTouch Slide isn’t going to be a super high-end Android device which means that marketing will be a bit tricky especially with the HTC EVO 4G and upcoming iPhone media blitz this summer.

Source: Brighthand via Pocketnow

T-Mobile myTouch Slide caught in the wild

Several live pictures of T-Mobile’s upcoming Android handset, the myTouch Slide have leaked recently. As seen in the picture the device is running Android 2.1 with the Espresso version of HTC’s Sense UI. The launch date is still unknown and specs have not been confirmed yet (did it pass the FCC?) but it looks like it may just be an HTC Hero with a sliding keyboard.

Source: TMonews

HTC brings HTC Sense 2.5 to the Diamond2 and Touch Pro2!

HTC has just released a ROM upgrade for the Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 that includes the lastest Sense 2.5 UI found on the HTC HD2 and HD Mini. Head over to the support page to dowwnload the ROM and don’t forget to backup your files before flashing.

Diamond2 here and Touch Pro2 here

The WM6.5 update for the Sprint Touch Pro2 is also out now.

Is the MyTouch2 aka MyTouch Slide the HTC Espresso ?

The HTC Espresso was at first rumored to be an HTC Hero with a sliding-keyboard, it was then thought that Espresso was maybe only the name of the new updated Sense UI on Android. Now it looks like it is indeed a new Android smartphone with a sliding keyboard according to the picture posted over at DroidDevelopers. Strangley the screen looks kinda small and the reflection suggest that it’s resistive instead of capacitive. It is apprently called the MyTouch2 or MyTouch Slide (headed to T-Mobile US).

Source: DroidDevelopers

Latest version of HTC HD2 Sense UI (Manila) mentions Windows Mobile 7

Here are some more findings hinting at a future Windows Mobile 7 update for the HTC HD2. The latest Manila 2.5.1922 (Sense UI) from the leaked 2.02 HTC HD2 ROM includes the following Lua scripts:

if HomeMachineStatus.WM7Device.Value then
IsWindowsMobile7Device = true
PredefineItem = 1
HomeItemCollection = HomeManager:GetHomeCollection(1)
IsWindowsMobile7Device = false
PredefineItem = 0
HomeItemCollection = HomeManager:GetHomeCollection()

This would suggest that HTC is currently working on Windows Mobile 7 ROMs and that the Sense UI may be ported to Microsoft’s new mobile OS.

Source: XDA

HTC Espresso Sense UI leaked, shown running on the HTC Hero

The HTC Espersso (Rosie) UI with talked about a few days ago has finally been leaked to the net. Below you’ll see a video of HTC‘s latest Android 2.1 Sense UI running on the HTC Hero:

You can grab the Espresso dump here

Source: AndroidSpin & Youtube

HTC Espresso Rosie / Sense UI screenshots

It’s still not know what exactly is the HTC Espresso (an HTC Hero with a sliding-keyboard? ) but it looks like the device’s ROM has already been dumped and ported to the Hero. Here are a few screenshots of the latest version of the Sense UI on Android.

Source: HTCPedia

New HTC HD2 Sense UI features: Documents tab & new music library

Included in the T-Mobile US HTC HD2 rom I posted yesterday is a new version of the HTC’s Sense UI for the HD2. This newer versions now includes a documents tabs that has direct access to your My Documents folder and lets you browse through you PDF’s Office docs without having to access the File Explorer. The second improvement is in the music library; browsing through your music is now faster thanks to a new drop down menu that appears when you tap on an artist’s name for example.

Source: XDA

One more video of HTC’s Sense UI running on the Samsung Omnia II

Here’s a new video of a Samsung Omnia II cooked ROM that features HTC’s Sense UI. As you can see performance isn’t that good right now and a couple of features are not yet working:

You can check out the first video here


Video: HTC Sense UI on the Samsung Omnia II

Looks like Samsung Omnia II owner are in for a treat. As you can see in the video below, HTC‘s Sense UI has been ported to the Omnia II. Not everything seems to work in the current build thought. Head over here to get the lastest on the developement progress.

Source: Modaco via Pocketnow

Official HTC HD2 video overview

HTC has posted a 7 minutes long video overview of the HTC HD2:

Nothing really new, but nice to see HTC promoting the HD2 though.

Source: YouTube

12 pages long HTC HD2 review

gsmarena_001 HD2
GSMArena just posted the final review of the retail HTC HD2. As it’s usualy the case their review is full of picture samples screenshots etc..
Here’s their conclusion:

HTC HD2 has it all to be a winner – groundbreaking hardware, inventive software, high performance and solid design. HTC have struck the right balance with the HD2 and they are certainly giving the competition a run for their money.

Thanks to the capacitive screen the HTC Sense delivers almost unsurpassed Windows Mobile experience complete with multi-touch gestures. It seems the Snapdragon platform is what the now aged Windows Mobile platform was meant to run on. If only we had that kind of hardware and software a couple of years ago, nobody would have even considered the iPhone seriously.

But we didn’t and we don’t suppose Snapdragons are going to become mainstream any time soon. So from a broader perspective, Windows Mobile is still just another runner-up in the run for the ultimate all-touch smartphone. The impressive user-experience on the HD2 is hardly indicative for the OS by itself.

So if you get our drift, it’s not Microsoft, but HTC that deserves the user experience award for the HTC HD2. Their Sense UI and TouchFLO 3D have blended exquisitely well delivering an unmatched social networking integration (save perhaps for the HTC Hero) and touch experience easily equaling that of the iPhone.

But even though it’s such a powerful package, the HD2 has it flaws too. The camera is below par, video recording is kinda poor, the limited internal storage is a real bugger and the its sheer size does push the limits of user comfort. That last thing will perhaps be a deal breaker for many users.

What is more, the HD2, just like its predecessor, does not justify its HD moniker. It doesn’t capture HD videos (but we knew that beforehand) and worse yet, it cannot even play any right. Samsung Omnia HD does these things with a substantially lower clocked CPU, so we guess Snapdragon doesn’t equal HD automatically either.

But still Snapdragons are still quite rare on the phone market and until more of those appear next year, the Toshiba TG01 and the Acer neoTouch will always remain two opponents the HD2 should consider. Both of them feature less UI customizations, resistive touchscreens and less RAM. But what works in their favor is they both are nearly 200 euro cheaper than the HD2 with its 550 euro price tag. That alone makes them worth checking out. But as we said, HTC have done a tremendous job of making Windows Mobile more usable and the added value of their product is well worth the extra bucks.

Looks like the boys at GSMArena didn’t get the memo about CorePlayer not supporting hardware acceleration on HTC devices (only Overlay support). They should have tried to play a wmv-hd trailer in the default HTC Album or WMP (they support HW accell for MP4 & WMV files) to see if it plays smoothly.
The camera does look bad though. As we have seen earlier the purple-tint/spot is still present. Major fail on HTC’s part here IMO.

Source: GSMAerna via WMPoweruser

French HTC HD2 review

HTC HD2 review french
Following yesterday’s N900 review here comes the HTC HD2:

Let’s just say that they found the device to be awesome. It should be noted that the sample pictures taken with the device suffer from the horrible purple dot we have seen in all reviews so far…Check out the 8pages long review here

Source: Clubic

Sunday HTC HD2 video review

The boys at MobileBurn posted a 2 parts video review of the HTC HD2 today. As susaly, you’ll see some unboxing action and quick walkthrough of the UI and different apps:

Part 2:

Source: YouTube

HTC HD2 browser test

Pocketnow posted a video showing the HTC HD2 Opera Moile 9.7 in action against Safari on the iPhone 3GS. Brandon also demos the SkyFire browser:

Opera Mobile 9.7 on the HD2 is a great step forward in terms of improved browsing experience on Windows Mobile, but Safari on the 3GS is still IMO the best mobile browser around (no-flash support and the lower resoution beeing the only downsides).

Source: Pocketnow