Opera Mobile 10 beta update released

Opera Mobile 10
Looks like I (& many others I guess) missed this one a few days ago. Opera has released an updated version of the Opera Mobile 10 Beta browser for Symbian phones. This updates includes the following fixes/features:

The multi-language build includes a font package covering several Asian languages.

In addition to this, both builds contain some minor fixes:

- Font handling fix
- Cache size is calculated at a different point in the loading process
- Reduced frequency of error messages when out of memory occurs
- RTSP support is added to enable videos on m.youtube.com

Known issues:

- If RealPlayer is the default media player, you will need to set the access point in RealPlayer to the same access point Opera is using.
- The multi-language build does not cover all character sets. Please take a look at this forum comment for more details.
- Soft keyboard is shown even though hard keyboard is slid out and in use.
- Only partial IME support.
- Occasional freezes under stress conditions.
- Opera Link is not included in the beta.

For more information about this new build go to Opera Mobile’s blog here

You can download the browser here