The Samsung Behold II will only get Android 1.6

Fragmantation Fragmentation…Bad news for all the Samsung Behold II owners out there, the handset will only receive an upgrade to Android 1.6 and nothing more.:

Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA are planning to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 which provides access to Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability and quick search box for Android.

The update will also supply additional benefits including Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities. However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.

Source: Twitter

Android 2.1 for the Samsung Moment leaked

The boys at the SDX-developers forums (the Samsung version of XDA-Devs) got their hands on the Android 2.1 ROM of the Samsung Moment. The package actualy includes two builds, ECLAIR.DC23 and ECLAIR.DD03. The later being the one that works the best it seems. Head of here to grab it.

Source: SDX-Developers via Engadget

Samsung Moment 2 picture leaked ?

The picture above is supposedly the first ever sighting of the Samsung Moment 2. The handset is said to have similar specs to the original Samsung Moment but with Android 2.1 and TouchWIZ 3. Not much else is know though.

Source: Werandroid

Samsung Behold II reviewed, TouchWiz has to go

beholdII review
It looks like slapping the TouchWiz UI on Android wasn’t the brightest idea. According Engadget’s review the Samsung Behold II may be the one of the least appealing Android device to date. Samsung‘s UI is found to be messy and bogs down the performance of the phone which runs the now outdated Qualcomm MSM7200 chipset. Having played with the TouchWIZ UI on the Omnia II I can guarantee you that it can be sometimes painfully to use (flashy colors everywhere, totally useless 3D Cube ,lack¬†of coherence etc..).

While other companies have gone onwards and upwards with Android, we’re afraid that Samsung’s latest is a non-starter. By taking yesterday’s version of Android, an all-but-underpowered processor, and an ill-considered user experience, the company has given us a handset that does far too many things, far too poorly. All this for $229 on contract!

Source: Engadget

Samsung Behold II unboxed, November 18th launch confirmed

Here’s a short hands-on video of the Samsung Behold II aka the Samsung Galaxy with TouchWIZ UI. Nothing really new whe haven’t seen before. Samsung‘s TouchWIZ looks like a total mess compared to HTC’s Sense IMO. The device is set to launch on T-Mobile on November 18th.

Source: Engadget

Samsung Behold II official videos, Cupcake on board

samsung-behold-ii (Small)
Looks like Samsung has already planned a couple of promo videos of the Behold II which just leaked on youtube ahead of the November 12th unveiling. The first thing we learn is that the devices is unfortunately shipping with Android 1.6 (Cupcake) instead of 1.6 or even 2.0. An upgrade to Android 2.0 is probably planned in the near future.

And finally the last one:

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One more Samsung Behold II video

Here’s a thrid video of the soon to be launched Behold II, Samsung‘s first Android phone to have the TouchWIZ UI. The other videos can be seen here.

Source: YouTube

Samsung Behold II hands-on videos

Here are two blury videos of the upcoming Samsung Behold II smartphone which is set to be unveiled by T-Mobile on November 12. The main selling point of the device is the TouchWIZ UI sitting on top of Android (this is a first for Samsung who has only released Android phone with the default interface).

Source: TMOnews via

T-Mobile & Samsung unveiling the Behold II on November 12

T-Mobile & Samsung are set to unveil the Samsung Behold II Android smartphone on November 12. This device is basically the US version of the Samsung Galaxy which is already out in Europe, the major difference being that the Behold II will feature Samsung’s TouchWIZ UI on top od Android.

samsung-behold-ii (Small)

Source: IntoMobile

Samsung Behold II Adnroid phone is a redesigned Galaxy with TouchWiz UI

samsung-behold-ii (Small)

Looks like Samsung‘s Galaxy Android smartphone that’s been available for a while in Europe is finally heading to the US through T-Mobile. The devices has been slightly redesigned and the TouchWIZ UI has been slapped on top of Android. Hardware specs are exactly the same as the Galaxy (.2-inch AMOLED display, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, and microSD expansion). From my short experience with Sammy’s TouchWIZ UI I can tell you right now that the CUBE thing is totally useless the widgets on the other had are nice (slow to load sometimes though).

Source: T-Mobile

Samsung Mobile Innovator to allow third party Widget development

Starting today, developers will be able to access a new website dedicated to Samsung’s TouchWiz Widget development for Windows Mobile and feature phones. Similar to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 Widgets¬†development can be done using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This will make cross platform development painless and fast.

Unlike complex native languages widget development utilises the comparably simple web authoring technologies HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Once developed they can be run on any Samsung device running the TouchWiz UI, and indeed, with some minor adjustments any platform or device featuring a web run-time engine. This could be a mobile device from another manufacturer, a PC or even an appliance such as a Samsung Series-7 television.

The new TouchWiz portal site will feature tools & SDKs, Discussion boards, articles and emulators.

Source: Samsung via Techmeme

Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 review

The boys over at GSMArena reviewed Samsung’s latest slide-out qwerty based smartphone running Windows Mobile. With it’s vibrant 3.5″ AMOLED screen and speedy 800Mhz OpenGL ES 2.0 CPU (S3C6410) the Omnia Pro B7610 is in direct competition with the HTC Touch Pro 2. Will the AMOLED screen and speedy processor make up for the shortfalls of the somewhat messy TouchWiz 2 UI ? Looks like this is the question. Do you want HTC’s amzing TouchFlo UI or a faster CPU and AMOLED screen but with a not so good UI ?


Full review here