Vodafone HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile 6.5 update available

TP2 rom (Small)
If you are in the UK on Vodafone and have an HTC Touch Pro2 just head over here to download the official Windows Mobile 6.5 update for your device. Always remember to backup all your data before flashing your phone.

Source: Vodafone via CoolSmartphone

T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 review, is it really worth $349 ?

The K9 boys over at PhoneDog posted a 13 minutes long video review of T-Mobile’s HTC Touch Pro 2. Overall they really liked it even though Noah thinks that it’s not for everybody and mainly targeted at business user thanks all the contact and conferencing features. And the $349.99 with a 2 years on contract price doesn’t help it.
Check the whole thing:

Source: PhoneDog

HTC Touch Pro 2 coming to Sprint

It is starting to look like HTC’s latest Windows Mobile phones is heading to nearly all north-american carriers this time. Sprint’s portal to the Nascar Sprint Cup is listing the HTC Rhodium (Pro 2) as a audio/video content compatible phone. Nothing more is know but lets hope that it has a 3.53 jack like the Telus version.

See here

Source: Engadget