Windows Live Mail and Exchange ActiveSync no longer working on some Windows Phone 7 devices (UPDATED)

The Windows Phone 7 drama continues…. After the messed up 7008 update for the Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus devices now comes the Exchange ActiveSync and Windows Live issues. As you probably know by now I finally decided to hard-reset my Omnia 7 to be able to apply the 7008 update to it (because this was the ONLY way to do it). The whole system setup (Live account, calendar, date etc..) went smoothly but I just noticed that my Live accounts are no longer able to sync with the cloud and are greeting me with a 86000206 error message.

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Windows Phone 7 promotional ad demonstrates Windows Live cloud features

Nothing major here, just a short promotional advert demonstrating the Windows Live enabled cloud syncing features of Windows Phone 7. Let’s hope that we will wee what the reall marketing and advertising campaign will look like once the product is finally launched on Monday. Video after the break:

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New version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile released

Microsoft has quitly released a new version of Windows Live for Windows Phones 3 days ago. Unfortunitely there’s no changelog but the application version went from 10.7.0057.802 to 10.7.0061.0500. The new version isn’t availalbe yet in the MarkePlace so you’ll have to head over here to grab it.

Source Microsoft via Liveside

Windows Live application for Window Mobile update released

WLive mobile
Microsoft is on a roll lately, they’ve just released an updated version of the Windows Live application for Windows Mobile. Lot’s of new features are in there and some UI enhancement for finger friendly use. Unfortunately there’s still no Calendar synchronization:

- Windows Live Home - an entirely new feature!
View you and your friends “What’s new” feed from Windows Live and other major 3rd party social networking sites.
View Windows Live photos and comment
Upload photos to Windows Live and other 3rd party sites through integration with the new My Phone client
View your Windows Live people
Update your status and accept network invitations from others
- Improvements and Updates like
Entirely new launcher screen
Significant touch investments that shine with new Windows Mobile 6.5 devices
Bing search integration
Abuse reporting
Automatic uninstall of previous versions
Virtual memory improvement and reduced installation file size through client refactoring

You can download (with you mobile device) it here:

Source: Windows Live mobile blog via & WMPoweruser

Windows Live Movie Maker 14 is out


Not really mobile related but I just wanted to share this. We can now finally say that Windows Live Wave 3 has finally been fully rolled out. Windows Live Movie Maker 14 wasn’t part of Redmond’s Wave 3 (only an early beta version was available) because of the fact that it just wasn’t finished. Thankfully for Microsoft it’s now here before the launch of Windows 7. Lots of new features are included, like direct to YouTube upload, support fro HD videos up to 1080p and a smarter storyboard. Head over here to download it the final version (14.0.8091.0730).


For more info head over here

Live Mesh to be named Windows Live Devices

Liveside posted what looks like the first screenshots of the new (probably out-of-beta) version of Live Mesh named Windows Live Devices. Microsoft has long promised the integration of Live Mesh into the different Windows Live services and in January the Live Mesh team joined the Windows Live team . This will probably be launched as part of Windows Live Wave 4 in Q3 09/Q1 10. Just like the current verison of Mesh, user will be able to ad their PCs, Macs or Mobile phones, digital photo frames and their Skydrives (which will form the “Live Desktop” component for Windows Live Devices) to the service and have seamless syncing between all of them.

Source: Liveside