One more video of HTC’s Sense UI running on the Samsung Omnia II

Here’s a new video of a Samsung Omnia II cooked ROM that features HTC’s Sense UI. As you can see performance isn’t that good right now and a couple of features are not yet working:

You can check out the first video here


Video: HTC Sense UI on the Samsung Omnia II

Looks like Samsung Omnia II owner are in for a treat. As you can see in the video below, HTC‘s Sense UI has been ported to the Omnia II. Not everything seems to work in the current build thought. Head over here to get the lastest on the developement progress.

Source: Modaco via Pocketnow

Xperia X10 vs HTC HD2 vs iPhone vs Omnia II

That’s right, it’s battle time!. The Greek boys at posted a size comparison video and picture gallery of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 vs the HTC HD2, iPhone 3Gs, Omnia II.

Makes you realize how big the HD2 screen his IMO.

Update: Check out their full hands-on video here


HTC HD2 vs Samsung Omnia II size & UI comparison


AreaMobile posted a picture gallery comparison of the HTC HD2 versus the Samsung Omnia II. The first thing you will notice is that HTC’s device is significantly thinner that Samsung’s. The HD2 is obviously larger given the 4.3″ screen compared to the 3.7″ on the Omnia II. A couple of pictures also show the UI differences between the two Windows Phones.

See the whole gallery here

Source: AreaMobile