HTC China (Dopod) Roadmap leaked

The pictrue above is supposedly from Dopod’s 2010 handset roadmap according to Androidcentral. As you can see the HTC Dragon is listed as the A6388 (see picture below) but with a 3.6″ screen instead of the 3.7″ panel found on the recently released Nexus One(which seems to be the same device but with a TV-Tuner?…) and is supposed to ship in Q2 2010. The other interesting info is the HTC Huashan(not to be confused with the HTC Huangshan) sporting a 4.3″ screen like the HD2 & HTC Supersonicbut with a still unknown OS (it’s listed as Android but as you can see it also says “Huashan OS change to WM to be confirmed”) and a Q4 2010 availability. Two other Android handset are also listed as “in planning”: the HTC Tiashan and HTC Songshan. Finally there’s one last Windows Mobile 6.5 device named the HTC Hengshan featuring a 3.4″ HVGA screen which is set to be launched in Q3 2010.
It should be noted that this roadmap is a bit dated given that the HTC Qilin(listed as “in development”) is already available.

Via: Androidcentral

HTC launches first TD-SCDMA Smartphone Dopod T8388 Qilin in China

The HTC Qilin we’ve heard about a couple of months ago is finnaly launching on China Mobile. The HTC Qilin is the first TD-SCDMA Windows Mobile 6.5 smatphone to be launched, because of this it’s sports a TI OMAP 3430 chipset (Qualcomm doesn’t currently have a TD-SCDMA SOC). THe device also supports China Mobile’s digital TV thanks to the integrated Tuner and Antena.

The Specs:

- CPU: TI OMAP3430 600 MHz
- 512 MB ROM / 256 MB RAM
- 3.6-inch WVGA touch screen (resistive)
- Windows Mobile 6.5
- WiFi
- 5 megapixel camera
- CMMB mobile TV
- Bluetooth

Source: via SlashPhone

HTC Qilin aka Dopod T8388 TD-SCDMA phone to be launched in China

Remember the HTC Qinin ? Well it’s actually the HTC Qilin (Dopod T8388) and it looks like the source of the previous story got it all wrong. This is kind of a strange phone, a mix of HTC Leo and Whitestone if we believe the specs and the pictures. Looking at the pictures we can assume that it has a resistive screen (it has the ZoomBar unlike the HTC Leo and Firestone). It is said that it will have a TI OMAP 3430 CPU (same as on the Palm Pre) clocked @ 600Mhz which is unusual for an HTC phone (who’s been only using Qualcomm chipsets lately). It will also sport a SIRFstar GPS chip (normal givin’ that the aGPS chip is usually part of the Qualcomm SOC), it will also have a CMMB-TV receiver. It is expected to launch in China around November 15.

Model: Dopod T8388 (HTC Qilin)
Type: PPC (non-QWERTY keyboard)
Platform: Windows Mobile 6.5
CPU: TI OMAP 3430 600MHz
ROM: 512MB
RAM: 256MB
Display: 3.6 “WVGA (480×800)
Network: Wi-Fi 802.11g
Main Camera: 5 million pixels; auto-focus camera, front: VGA
Features: gsensors; light sensor; proximity sensor; CMMB mobile TV

China Mobile (NYSE: CHL; 0941.HK) officially confirmed today that Dopod’s Qilin handset meets the telecom operator’s “flagship handset” requirements.

Dopod CEO Dennis Chen said the Qilin handset is the first result of China Mobile’s RMB 47 mln in subsidies to encourage TD-SCDMA handset development. Dopod has expanded investment in manpower and funding towards TD-SCDMA R&D and will release numerous high-end TD-SDCMA handsets next year.

The Qilin handset, jointly developed by Dopod and China Mobile, is currently one of the most high-end TD-SCDMA handsets available. Equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, it is expected to reach the market in Q4 2009.

Source: Mobile.163 and MarbrigeConsulting & WMPU

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