Nokia drops Symbian from N Series after Nokia N8, Meego to replace it

According to Cnet Australia, the company has apparently decided that the Nokia N8 will be the last N Series handset to run the Symbian operating system and that all future N devices will be based on the Meego OS (formerly known as Maemo… Can’t say I”m surprised especially after seeing how the Finish giant has a hard time modernizing it’s symbian OS (especially in terms of UI performances and UX). Symbian ^3 and Symbian^4 arnet”t completely out of the door thought. Nokia plans to use it on more mass market (mid-end) devices.

According to the Nokia peeps we spoke to, the N8 will be the last N-series to run on Nokia’s Symbian platform; all N-Series from here on will run MeeGo. This leaves Symbian (in its current version 3 and the future version 4) on Nokia’s X- and E-series devices, with the budget-conscious C-series making use of the existing Series 40 platform. The N9 will be the first MeeGo device, but with the N8 shipping at the end of Q3 or early Q4 it’s hard to say whether the N9 will see the inside of phone stores before the end of the year.

Source: Cnet

Nokia & Intel announce MeeGo Mobile OS

Nokia and Intel have just announced that the Maemo and Moblin OS are now merging and becomming MeeGo. The keynote is still underway so I will post more about that later on. You can now go to to get some more information. Release date is set at Q2 2010. Qt will be used to develop on Meego.

Nokia will offer Symbian^3 and Maemo 6 smartphones this year

According to Michael Hsu, general manager of Nokia Taiwan, the company will not ship any Symbian^2 handset but will instead go straight to Symbian^3 this year. They also expect to launch Symbian^4 handsets at the end of the year (or early 2011). The other good news is that Nokia is also expected to launch Maemo 6 based handsets in the second half of 2010.

Source: DigiTimes

Nokia promises improved user experience on Symbian & first Maemo 6 device in 2010

Nokia is finally waking up it seems, according to the press release of today’s Nokia Capital Market’s Day, the N°1 phone company is set to deliver a whole lot of good stuff next year:

Nokia Devices & Services operational priorities
In addition to providing its key financial targets, Nokia also outlined key Devices & Services operational priorities for 2010. These are:
- Improve our user experience;
- Re-engineer our Symbian user interface; deliver a major product milestone before mid-year 2010, and another major product milestone before the end of 2010;
- Deliver our first Maemo 6-powered mobile computer, with an iconic user experience, in the second half of 2010;
- Significantly increase the proportion of touch and/or QWERTY devices in our smartphone portfolio;
- Scale up our Services business by expanding geographically and in partnership with more operators;
- Provide third party developers with better tools to create applications and content for our Ovi ecosystem;
- Further optimize the industry’s lowest cost end-to-end business model in Mobile Phones; and
- Continue to build on our affordable and localized services offerings for emerging market consumers.

So we can basically expect two major updates to Symbian next year (the first around mid-2010 and the second at the end of the year) which is a good thing and quite similar to what Microsoft is doing with WM 6.5 and WM7. The other interesting part is that they are planning to ship the first Maemo 6 device next year, but there’s no mention of other Meamo 5 devices. The question is, Will the N900 be the only Meamo 5 device? Is Nokia only planning one Meamo device for 2010?

Source: Nokia

Is this the Nokia N920 ?

Nokia N920
The picture above just popped up today and is supposedly of the Nokia N920 which is said to run Maemo 6 (the N900 runs Maemo 5) and has a capacitive touchscreen. It also doesn’t look like it has a slide-out qwerty keyboard. Take this with a huge grain of salt though.

Source: CNBETA

Maemo 6 UI information & N900 hands-on videos

UMPCPortal grabed some pictures of Nokia‘s Maemo keynote during the Maemo summit today. So far we now have conformation that Maemo 6 will have native support for capacitive touch panel and multi-touch support. What doesn’t change is the TI OMA3 chipset support, OpenGL ES and WVGA screen resolution. The next version will also have portrait mode unlike Maemo 5 which only support landscape. Maemo 6 ins’t expected until late 2010 and I can’t wait to see what Nokia is cooking as the successor to the N900. Windows Mobile 7 vs Maemo 6!

Here are also two Nokia N900 hands-on vidoes showing the device in action (some OGL ES 2 demo, flash in the browser etc..):

Source: UMPCPortal