Official HTC Touch Pro2 & HTC Snap Windows Mobile 6.5 updates available

TP2 rom (Small)
We talked about it yesterday and it’s now officialy available on HTC‘s support site. Remermber that this ROM will only work on unlocked Touch Pro2s & Snap devices. Please back-up all you data before flashing your ROM. So if you are ready for some WM6.5 action and update TouchFLO UI, justhead over here to download it. And here for the HTC Snap.

Source: HTC and here

HTC confirms Diamond2, Touch Pro2 & Snap WM 6.5 update with new and improved TouchFLO UI

According to the German boys at AreaMobile, HTC has confirmed that the Diamond 2, Touch Pro2 & Snap will get a free upgrade to WM 6.5 and new  TouchFLO UI (probably the same as the one seen in the leaked roms here). What I wonder now is, if does devices (TP2 & Diamond2) get the new TouchFLO UI what are the Leo & Firestone going to bring to the table besides improved hardware ?

Source: via WMPoweruser

Telus launches the HTC Touch Pro 2 and HTC Snap

Canadian carrier Telus has just announced the availabilty of HTC’s latest and greatest Touch Pro 2 (which has a 3.5″ jack) and  Snap. The Touch Pro 2 is priced at 249$ with a 3 years contract ($649,99 without contract) and the Snap should be free with the same 3 years contract (399,99 without it).

For more info head over the Telus site

Source: BGR