Windows Mobile to get more frequent updates in the future

Long Zhenggot a chance to talk a bit with Microsoft’s Loke Ui Tan during TechEd Australiayesterday and ask him some Windows Phones questions. Nothing really new was said, just confirmation of what we already know, like the fact that the WinMo Team knows that the current OS is getting old:

Firstly, one of the most reassuring things is that not only do they genuinely acknowledge and understand the shortcomings of the Windows Mobile platform today but they are committed to updating the platform more frequently presumably on an annual cycle or sooner.

and that OTA updates are being worked on :

Acknowledging current barriers with the process of upgrading Windows Mobile today, its also confirmed that the Windows Mobile team are indeed working towards modifying the system architecture to enable delivery of OS updates without affecting and requiring the phone ROM – effectively cutting out the OEMs, telcos that currently (and unnecessary) slows down the update cycle.

Finally, Loke Ui (like James McCarthy yesterday,and Robbie Bach a few weeks ago) confirmed that MS is working closely with ODM/OEMs on Windows Mobile 7:

Whilst the diversity of Windows phones will continue to be a hallmark of the platform, there will however be more strict and higher hardware testing standards going forward for phones to be validated as “Windows phones”. This is aimed to improve the baseline experience for all Windows phones.

Source: Istartedsomething