Steve Ballmer makes surprise keynote during windows mobile session @ MGX

It looks like Steve Ballmer made a surprise keynote during the Windows Mobile session at MGX today. Microsoft’s Global Exchange (MGX) is a conference aimed exclusively at Microsoft’s employee every year. You may have seen some video from past MGX flauting on Youtube, like Balmmer’s famous monkey boy dance. I guess that Steve really needs/wants to boost Micirosft’s Mobile teams after all the bad news/rumors around Windows Mobile latetly!


Source : Loke Ui Tan

Qualcomm gets fined $208M by South Korean regulators

Just whe you thought Qualcomm’s legal troubles where a thing of the past,here comes the South Korean regulators slapping Qualcomm with a record $208M fine over what it said was abuse of market dominance. THe company was under investigation since 2006 for abusing its dominant position in CDMA mobile phone chips, charging higher royalties for companies that used rival chipsets and favouring customers who used its products by offering rebates.

Full Release here

50 Widgets Pack for Windows Mobile 6.5

The guys over at FuzeMobility just release a pack of 50 simple Windows Mobile 6.5 wigdets. Being that they are widgets an data connection is required for the to work and obviously a WM6.5 ROM.

These are not complex widgets. In fact, they’re among the most simplistic widgets that can be made but they do provide a ‘chromeless’ experience that have the feel of apps (and they install like apps). They do require an internet connection when in use (since they are grabbing data from the web) but I think the end experience is still a good one. If you enter your information it is remembered so on the weather widget, for example, it will remember your location. And more than anything, the goal is to bring widgets to the attention of more developers so more complex widgets can start to be released.


You can grab them here

Adobe Flash 10 mobile to support multi-touch & accelerometers

Adobe announced during MobileBeat 2009 that Flash 10 Mobile is still on track for a fall release and that an updated version that will support multi-touch & accelerometers among other API’s should be out at the begining of 2010. Here’s what an Adobe Spokeperson had to say :

Kevin Lynch has shown some of the great progress we’ve been making with Flash Player 10 for smartphones. As we’ve announced before, multiple partners have already received early versions of this release, and we expect to release a beta for developers later this year. Android, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, and Palm WebOS will be among the first platforms to support web browsing with the newest Flash Player. Kevin also mentioned some of the new mobile features we’re working to include in Flash Player 10 including multi-touch (to allow users to easily interact with dynamic content) and accelerometer support (to understand the orientation of the device).

Source: Windowsfordevices