Microsoft – Yahoo Deal has been struck, should be announced in a few hours


Things are heating up in Silicon Valley right about now. Kara Swisher is reporting that her sources told her that Microsoft and Yahoo have finaly struck a Search & Advertising deal and should announce it in the Next few hours. It’s about time!

Multiple sources close to the situation said that the online search and advertising deal between Microsoft and Yahoo has been struck and will be announced within the next 24 hours.

While it is not clear if the actual papers have been inked, sources said negotiations are complete.

It is likely to be the cause of much relief at both companies, since they have been trying–without success–to join together to mount a better offense in the sector against the dominant Google (GOOG).

Stay tuned!

Update: Yahoo to Lead Ad Sales in Microsoft Search Deal

Update 2: Boomtown “Yahoo To Get 110 Percent of Search Revenue in First Two Years of Deal With” Microsoft

Source: BoomTown

Creative announces the Zii EGG player and Zii Plaszma SDK for developers and OEMs


Creative announced today what seems to be one of the most feature packed and advanced PMP player to date. Here are the specs :

Plaszma Platform
Open Development Program
100% Market Ready and Designed for Manufacturability
Create Customized Applications & Devices
Supports both Plaszma OS and Android OS
World’s 1st Handheld StemCell Computer
Low Cost, Energy Efficient
High Definition 1080p Output
3.5” 320×480
(16 million colors) LCD
Capacitive 10-Point Multi-Gesture Touchscreen Display
Text-to-Speech Engine
SD slot

3D Hardware Graphics Acceleration for OpenGL ES
32GB Internal Memory
256MB Mobile DDR RAM
X-Fi Audio Processing
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
GPS Receiver
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
3-axis Accelerometer
Starting from US$199* for Zero GB version in bulk
Zii Optimized Android
Super-charged Android using StemCell Computing Technology
Enhanced 3D Graphics and Video Acceleration

Looks like the Synaptics ClearPad3000 (10 fingers multi-touch screen) that was announced last week is on board. And it’s nice to see Android being used in something other that a HTC phone or crappy Chinese replica phones although it’s not clear if the Plaszma OS sits on top of Android or if the Zii EGG got 2 OSes. This specs look mighty impressive (besides the low-res screen..), especially the 1080P video output and OpenGL ES support (1.X or 2.0 ?). But as always with Creative, you should take all this stuff with a big grain of salt until we see hands-on reviews. One more thing, this announcement is all about the developers and the SDK. Creative hasn’t announced public availability of the Zii EGG yet. Head over the Official site here for more info

Source : DAP review

More App Store madness. Apple rejects official Google Voice app and pulls all other GV apps


In what looks like an ongoing trend of total stupidity, Apple started to pull all Google Voice applications from the App Store yesterday siting the fact that those apps “duplicate features that come with the iPhone”. Now google announced that the official Google Voice app that the company submitted to Apple for approval has be rejected for the same reason.

We work hard to bring Google applications to a number of mobile platforms, including the iPhone. Apple did not approve the Google Voice application we submitted six weeks ago to the Apple App Store. We will continue to work to bring our services to iPhone users — for example, by taking advantage of advances in mobile browsers.

I’m starting to see bloggers everywhere blaming AT&T for “forcing” Apple’s hand because GV is a threat to their business etc. Please, don’t be such apologists. The whole world doesn’t revolve around the US and AT&T. When Apple does something like this it affects the millions of iPhone ad iPod Touch users worldwide. It’s Apple decision and who supposedly “forced” them doesn’t matter!

Update: Om Malik posted some good points here

As I wrote in my post, Meet Google, Your Phone Company:

The mobile app for Google Voice uses the regular PSTN connection to place a call to Google Voice, which then places a call out to the person you need to reach. Since these calls (and SMS messages) originate from your Google Voice, they display your Google Voice number for the recipients. The service needs a data connection but it isn’t necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection to place and receive calls. The wireless number you buy from the cell phone company becomes less relevant.

As a result, AT&T still gets to count minutes spent making and receiving calls via Google voice. So how is that bad news for AT&T? It’s not, and the only way it could be was if Google Voice worked over Wi-Fi. Apparently, even that hasn’t been much of an issue that far because Apple has been approving WiFi-based VoIP apps.

If AT&T indeed was the villain here or Apple was against VoIP calls, then by now all eoice applicatiee ons would have been given the boot. My Skype, Truphone, Nimbuzz and Fring accounts are all working fine. You can download them from the iTunes store. So again, I think people are jumping to conclusions here.

Source: Techcrunch