Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 are officialy RTM


It’s not really mobile news but stil big news anyway. Microsoft just annouced that Windows 7 is finaly RTM and in time for global release on october 22. TechNet suscribers should be able to download it on august 6. Full press release here

HTC Firestone pictured!

WMPoweruser just recieved the following redering of HTC’s upcoming high end Windows Mobile smartphone. Their tipster confirmed that the phone has a capacitive screen. For more rumored specs see here.

Source : WMPoweruser

Another HTC Click shot leaked

Nothing much to say other than a new (and better quality) shot of the HTC Click has emmerged on forum here htcclick2

Synaptics’ ClearPad 3000 Capacitve screen announced

The makers of the actual capacitive panel on HTC’s Android phones and the vast majority of the trackpads found on notebooks annouced their new 10 fingers multi-touch panel named the ClearPad 3000. Unlike it’s prédecssors (ClearPad 2000) the 3000 supports up to 10 fingers with pixels-by-pixels tracking and up to 8″ screens. Products using the ClearPad 3000 are expected this fall. You can check the Engadget video hands on below :

ClearPad official page here

Source: Engadget

HTC to shift 50% of its futur products to Android and also offer BREW based phone in September

Here’s some serious rumors straights from Digitimes. HTC is said to increase the adoption of Android by making 50% of the smartphones running on the Google OS and the rest on Windows Mobile. That’s some pretty bad news for Microsoft I guess. Redmond is already hurting badly because of the delay of Windows Mobile 7, so having their major ODM doing this isn’t good news at all. Also, HTC is rumored to enter the feature phone market in september with a Qualcomm BREW based product. Strange days we are living in…

Source: Digitimes

BlackBerry Storm 2 hands on video

The boys over at CrackBerry just posted what seems to be the very first hands on video of Rim’s upcoming Storm 2. The device does looks sweet and responsive unlike the original Storm (it does take a while to switch from protrait to landscape though). Kevin summed up his hands on by this :

•the hardware is much nicer – this is what Storm “1″ should have been. It feels nicer in the hand and the concept is executed more cleanly. Improved engineering all around. Examples: better battery door integration (no need for “feet” for an ill-placed speaker port or hooks to hold the door in place; tighter tolerances (no gaps/light shining through); buttons are part of display
•the click screen is more user-friendly – assuming when the 9550 hits the market the operating system is running as fast and smooth as it does on a non-touch BlackBerry, I *think* maybe I could give up my physical keyboard and make this my daily driver. Watch the video to see it in action. RIM’s premise of separating navigation from confirmation is the same, but the actual SurePress / TruePress / Whatever It Gets Called technology is better. Definitely a better feeling while typing. The display still moves downward a bit (you can feel a physical movement as you push down) and the glass is solid.
•the operating system is basically the same – the hardware in the video is running a version of OS 5.1, so with the Storm 9530/9500 to be upgraded to 5.0 soon, the basic device software difference between Storm 1 and Storm 2 will likely be negligible. The new Storm has more device memory so will be smoother running, but from a basic usage / visual / apps standpoint nothing major is changing.

Source : CrackBerry