Zune HD has multi-touch pinch zooming in IE Mobile browser


Microsoft’s Zune HD official website has always stated the following regarding the on-board version of IE Mobile:

Surf the web anytime, anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Enjoy your favorite websites with a full-featured web browser including tap-to-zoom technology, built-in accelerometer, and touchscreen QWERTY keyboard

Nobody actualy knew what tap-to-zoom actualy is and if the browser will support the pinch gesture to zoom giving that the player sports a multi-touch capacitive panal. Today Ina Fried over at cnet has tis to say about her last hands on with Microsoft upcoming PMP:

One thing that will be available this fall is the Zune HD, Microsoft’s would-be rival to the iPod Touch. Although I had gotten a brief peek at the product in May, I didn’t really get to check out the browser. I played with an updated build of the product on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to see the browser has the kind of pinch zooming that one finds on the iPhone or in Windows 7. On the down side, I didn’t see anything to indicate it will have serious gaming abilities.

Source: Cnet

Android Donut leaked. Is it 2.0 or not and what about multi-touch support?

Saturday night the guys over at xda-devs got their hands on what seems to build the Donut build of Android. Looking at the repository they found out that there’s mention of native multi-touch support among other goodies that were demoed at I/O a few months back like text-speech, CDMA support etc. G1 cooked ROMs are already available. But it gets even more interesting tonight. Romain Guy, member of the Android Team at Google, posted the following here :

Donut is NOT Android 2.0 and there’s no multi-touch support in Donut.

Confused? Donut is probably just the name of the latest batch/developer branch of Android builds (which do probably have multi-touch code in them) but Google isn’t planning on exposing the feature before 2.0. At least HTC added multi-touch support in their Hero roms without waiting for Google. They are probably doing the same with future Windows Mobile phones..

Source : Engadget

Adobe Flash 10 mobile to support multi-touch & accelerometers

Adobe announced during MobileBeat 2009 that Flash 10 Mobile is still on track for a fall release and that an updated version that will support multi-touch & accelerometers among other API’s should be out at the begining of 2010. Here’s what an Adobe Spokeperson had to say :

Kevin Lynch has shown some of the great progress we’ve been making with Flash Player 10 for smartphones. As we’ve announced before, multiple partners have already received early versions of this release, and we expect to release a beta for developers later this year. Android, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, and Palm WebOS will be among the first platforms to support web browsing with the newest Flash Player. Kevin also mentioned some of the new mobile features we’re working to include in Flash Player 10 including multi-touch (to allow users to easily interact with dynamic content) and accelerometer support (to understand the orientation of the device).

Source: Windowsfordevices