HTC XV6975 approved by the GCF

Even more HTC news for the day. Arne over at the:unwired found out the the Gobal Certification Forum approved a new unanounced HTC phone, the XV6975. Going by the name it’s probaly a Verizon specific SKU. For example the XV6175 is the Verizon version of the HTC Snap.

Source : the:unwired

HTC Mega confirmed

Another day, another HTC leak. This time coming from the WiFi Alliance. CellPassion found out the the HTC Mega has been WiFi certified on July 10. Rumor is that the Mega is the Jade2/Beryl (touch 3G variant with Windows Mobile 6.5) phone that was leaked in the 2009 HTC roadmap a couple of months ago. Here’s a link to the cerification (pdf) Click

source : CellPassion

Latest Windows Mobile 6.5 build (21925) : Nothing really new?

The Internet has been abuzz this weekend about a new WM 6.5 build supposedly being more finger friendly. But is it really the case ? Looking at Brandon’s video @ Pocketnow (below) it doesn’t seem like anything really new has been brought to the table. Swiping your finger horizontally to go to the next or previous tab has been available in WM 6.5 since the first leaked build. The only thing changed that I can see is that the tabs at the bottom of the pages have been replaces by some new tab indicator now placed at the top. Oh well..¬†Windows Mobile 7 can’t come soon enough…

New tabs

New tabs

Source: Pocketnow