Microsoft KIN TWO teardown

Chipworks just finished tearing down Microsoft’s KIN TWO handset and posted some interesting pictures and info. Surprisingly they found out that contrary to what was officially announced, the camera is not from OmniVision but from Sony (Sony IMX046 8 Mp Image Sensor). The KIN TWO also features a Qualcomm QSC6085 CDMA Processor alongside the nVidia Tegra APX2600. The Capacitive controller of the touch screen is a T1021A ClearPad Controller from Synaptics.

Source: ChipWorks

Touch Panels prices are dropping fast

This shouldn’t come as a great surprise, Digitimes is reporting that, thanks to fierce competition in the touch panel market these past months, prices of 3.5-inch touch panel modules have dropped to US$9-11 compared to US$16-18 one year ago and the chip prices for the segment has also been reduced to under US$2 from US$4-5. This is obviously good news for all of us.

IC suppliers

Source: Digitimes

Nokia’s X6 uses a Synaptics capacitive touch panel


According to Digitimes, Synaptics is the touch panl supplier of Nokia‘s newly announced X6 phone. It’s not know which particular capacitive panel is used. It can be a ClearPad 2000 or the new 10 fingers multi-touch ClearPad 3000 (used on Creative’s Zii EGG)

Synaptics has secured touchscreen solution orders for Nokia’s recently announced X-series handsets, according to market sources. Synaptics is expected to see record shipments of touchscreen ICs and modules in 2009 and remain the top touchscreen IC supplier in 2010 worldwide, the sources added.

Touchscreen handsets will reach a CAGR of more than 20% over the next several years, the sources estimated.

Overseas touchscreen IC suppliers including Synaptics, Cypress, Broadcom and Atmel are targeting the handset segment, while Taiwan-based players Elan Microelectronics, Pixart Imaging, Egalax_empia Technology (EETI), Weltrend Semiconductor, Ene Technology, Integrated Technology Express (ITE) and Holtek Semiconductor are focusing on touchscreen ICs for notebook products.

Source: Digitimes

Creative announces the Zii EGG player and Zii Plaszma SDK for developers and OEMs


Creative announced today what seems to be one of the most feature packed and advanced PMP player to date. Here are the specs :

Plaszma Platform
Open Development Program
100% Market Ready and Designed for Manufacturability
Create Customized Applications & Devices
Supports both Plaszma OS and Android OS
World’s 1st Handheld StemCell Computer
Low Cost, Energy Efficient
High Definition 1080p Output
3.5” 320×480
(16 million colors) LCD
Capacitive 10-Point Multi-Gesture Touchscreen Display
Text-to-Speech Engine
SD slot

3D Hardware Graphics Acceleration for OpenGL ES
32GB Internal Memory
256MB Mobile DDR RAM
X-Fi Audio Processing
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
GPS Receiver
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
3-axis Accelerometer
Starting from US$199* for Zero GB version in bulk
Zii Optimized Android
Super-charged Android using StemCell Computing Technology
Enhanced 3D Graphics and Video Acceleration

Looks like the Synaptics ClearPad3000 (10 fingers multi-touch screen) that was announced last week is on board. And it’s nice to see Android being used in something other that a HTC phone or crappy Chinese replica phones although it’s not clear if the Plaszma OS sits on top of Android or if the Zii EGG got 2 OSes. This specs look mighty impressive (besides the low-res screen..), especially the 1080P video output and OpenGL ES support (1.X or 2.0 ?). But as always with Creative, you should take all this stuff with a big grain of salt until we see hands-on reviews. One more thing, this announcement is all about the developers and the SDK. Creative hasn’t announced public availability of the Zii EGG yet. Head over the Official site here for more info

Source : DAP review

Synaptics’ ClearPad 3000 Capacitve screen announced

The makers of the actual capacitive panel on HTC’s Android phones and the vast majority of the trackpads found on notebooks annouced their new 10 fingers multi-touch panel named the ClearPad 3000. Unlike it’s prédecssors (ClearPad 2000) the 3000 supports up to 10 fingers with pixels-by-pixels tracking and up to 8″ screens. Products using the ClearPad 3000 are expected this fall. You can check the Engadget video hands on below :

ClearPad official page here

Source: Engadget