LG launches official LG GW620 (Etna) site and horrible promo videos

LG launched yesterday the official site of their first Android smartphone the LG GW620 (Etna) sliding-qwerty smartphone. To “celebrate this event”, a horrible promo video demonstrating the phones social features and a TV ad were posted too .

Hmmm LG please stick to Windows Mobile and let HTC & Motorola take care of Android, thanks.

Source: LG llok like the site is down…

LG GW620 Etna Android phone hands-on video

Looks like the french boysover at Journal Du Geek & Cnet France got some habds-on action with LG‘s first Android device the GW620 formely known as the LG Etna. Sad to see that LG didn’t even ad any custom UI on top of the vanila Android interface unlike HTC and Motorola.

Source: JDG & CNet

HTC facing increasing competition in Q4 2009


With the announcements of the Motorola CLIQ and the LG GW620 among others (like the Samsung Galaxy in Europe), HTC is no longer the only Android smartphone provider in the market now and this will only get “worse” for them in the future (Motorola is expected to launch a second Android phone in the coming weeks). Because of this, analysts are now lowering the Q4 09 & Q1 10 forecast for HTC as reported by Digitimes:

HTC is currently cooperating with T-Mobile in the US and Europe, with T-Mobile USA contributing 5-10% to HTC’s total revenues a year, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) quoted sources at Credit Suisse as indicating.

Credit Suisse has maintained a neutral rating for HTC stock with a target price of NT$380 (US$11.62), according to EDN. HTC share prices gained NT$2 to close at NT$354 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) on September 15.

Facing increasing competition, HTC may count on US-based carrier Verizon Wireless as well as Google to help sustain revenue growth in the fourth quarter, the Chinese-language Commercial Times said in a September 15 report.

Verizon is expected to cooperate with HTC to launch its first Android-powered smartphone, the HTC Desire, in the fourth quarter, Commercial Times said, noting that the pair will also launch a mobile TV handset, the Whitestone, in the fourth quarter.

HTC is also likely to cooperate with Google again to roll out the next-generation Google phone, the Passion, in the fourth quarter, the paper added.

Meanwhile, HTC may also begin volume production of its high-end, BMP (Brew Mobile Platform)-based feature handsets in September or October and is expected to team up with Sprint Nextel to launch the Qualcomm-based handsets in the US soon.

The Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC Whitestone still hasn’t been announced but is expected on Verizon for the holydays season. Nothing is known about the rumored Brew phone and Digitimes may be mistaking this (in the quote above) with the HTC Hero launching on Sprint next month.

Source: Digitimes

LG announces the GW620 Android smartphone

The LG Etna which was spotted a few days ago is now finally announced as the GW620. LG’s first Android based smartphone doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table compared to HTC’s Hero and the newly announced Motorola CLIQ. LG really needs to step up their game when it comes to smartphones. First they should make up their mind about the OSes they want to focus on, then stop announcing half-assed phones like the GM750 (it has the same specs as the one year old Samsung Omnia!)

Source: LG