Microsoft - Yahoo Deal has been struck, should be announced in a few hours


Things are heating up in Silicon Valley right about now. Kara Swisher is reporting that her sources told her that Microsoft and Yahoo have finaly struck a Search & Advertising deal and should announce it in the Next few hours. It’s about time!

Multiple sources close to the situation said that the online search and advertising deal between Microsoft and Yahoo has been struck and will be announced within the next 24 hours.

While it is not clear if the actual papers have been inked, sources said negotiations are complete.

It is likely to be the cause of much relief at both companies, since they have been trying–without success–to join together to mount a better offense in the sector against the dominant Google (GOOG).

Stay tuned!

Update: Yahoo to Lead Ad Sales in Microsoft Search Deal

Update 2: Boomtown “Yahoo To Get 110 Percent of Search Revenue in First Two Years of Deal With” Microsoft

Source: BoomTown