Microsoft speaks on Windows Mobile 7

Wow, who would have thought that Microsoft would actually says something about WM7 today? Well don’t get too excited, they didn’t actually say much. The MS rep confirms that they are no longer going to name Windows Mobile versions by their numbers, it’s all going to be about Windows Phones. The most interesting tit-bit is that Windows Mobile 7 will coexist with Windows Mobile 6.5. 6.5 being on low-end phones and 7 on high-end premium phones (this sort of confirms that WM7 shouldn’t be to far of and come in the first half of 2010). He also confirms what Robie Bach said about MyPhone, that it will support remote-wipe in 1.0 and, in the future, run on top of Live Mesh.

Source: The Inquirer via WMPoweruser