Microsoft building new Messaging foundation into Windows Mobile 7

More Windows Mobile 7 hints are coming our way these past days. This time I found an intersting job ad on Microsoft’s careers web site. It looks like the boys in Redmond are building from scratch a new messaging foundation into Windows Mobile 7 and beyond. Whatever that means I don’t know but if I had to guess I’ll would say that it’s probably related to social-media integration into WM7 and some Live Mesh too…
Here’s the full job description:

We’re looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test Lead to lead the WM7 messaging team. The team is building the messaging foundation for the next generation of mobile computing; we want to make communication on your phone easy, engaging and personal. You would be working with cutting edge technology with regard to UX design, and UI automation.

The team is focused on delivering a great consumer experience, and is constantly looking for ways to improve our ability to bring great experiences to market faster. We’ve recently invested in Model Based testing, and are also committed to exploratory testing (using ‘session based testing’ methodologies) to complement our existing test method and tool palette.

We’re building a team for the long term, and are looking for leadership that brings out the best in people; we think there is a lot to learn from test teams in the past; we’ve built out a model and vision for the test team which is built for the long term growth of the group and the test discipline. We need you to help us build out that vision.


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