HTC Hero reviewed

Gears over at CoolSmartPhone has posted what is in my opninion the best HTC Hero review to date. Tons of videos showing the device in action. Here’s his conclusion :

As my first ever Android handset this has shocked me, and it’s shocked me for all the right reasons. The HTC Sense interface gels together with the Android OS extremely well and the user experience is fluid, understandable and polished. Sure, there’s a few gripes – I still can’t figure a way to send files over Bluetooth, I’d love to see more widgets on-board, I’d love to have the ability to add another screen to either side of my home screen and for some reason GPS was turned off as default when the handset arrived. But hey, these are fairly small gripes when you see how the HTC Hero and HTC Sense GUI works together, It’s seamless, complete and a joy to poke at.

I never thought I’d say this, and you’ll hear this phrase used all too often across the web, but believe me, this really is closest thing I’ve seen to beating the iPhone. The browsing is excellent. The photo management, manipulation and sharing is stunning. The GUI is amazing. The way it delivers data is precise and filtered in a controlled manner. The widgets system is great and I never seem to tire of removing and adding new ones.

Check it out here

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