More than 3 Million Nokia Lumia phones sold since launch: Why the hate?

People simply love to hate on anything lately. Nokia decided to lower its Devices & Services Q1 2012 outlook today in the midst of its gigantic structural and economical transition following the arrival of Stephen Elop more than a year ago and the Microsoft partnership. Tucked inside the press release was this important piece of info:

In the first quarter 2012, Nokia sold more than 2 million Lumia devices at an average selling price of approximately EUR 220 (reported within the Smart Devices business unit). Furthermore, Nokia has seen sequential growth in Lumia device activations every month since starting sales of Lumia devices in November 2011.

Add this to the 1 Million Lumia devices already sold between November and December 2011 and we now have a grand total of 3 Million Nokia Lumia Windows Phones out there (the vast majority being Lumia 800s) and sold in less than 4 months. That’s huge in the small world of Windows Phone and further cement the fact that Nokia became the OS’s number one OEM nearly overnight. Although 3 Million obviously isn’t much when compared to other platforms (yes even Nokia’s own S40 and the company sold 10 Million non WP7 “smartphones” in the same quarter) this shouldn’t prevent Nokia from celebrating this small success. The vast majority of the web commentators simply chose to note that Nokia is lowering its forecast and that the company is going the way of the dodo. Sure..the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the orld with billions of $ in cash reserves is going to go bankrupt this year..okay. These people are probably the same ones who thought that Android was going to be a failure 3 years ago or thought that Nokia’s transition will be a matter of weeks instead of years.

I personally don’t care if things go one way or another. Nokia can go bankrupt, Windows Phone can fail etc.. I won’t loose any sleep and if you have to ask me which phone I would recommend to buy right now, I would answer the HTC One X. But here’s the thing: I enjoy my Lumia 800 right now even though I would like it (and the OS) to be better, my wife enjoys here’s, my mother is happy with my Omnia 7 and now millions of other users are happily using Windows Phone just like millions of other iOS, Android users out there. Things don’t change overnight but Nokia is at least trying to get things right: the quick reaction to the Nokia Lumia 900 data connection bug, the constant FW updates to the Lumia 800, the added NFC stack for the Lumia 610, the developer support and all the cool Windows Phone apps that they are developing and giving away for free: Nokia Drive, Nokia Transit, Nokia Maps, Nokia Creative Suite, Nokia Pulse, Nokia City Lens, Nokia Play To, Nokia TV, WRC, ACC etc… Time will tell how things will pan out..not anonymous trolls or armchair analyst.

source: Nokia

  • Anonymous

    Because… Haters gon’ hate. Especially anything related to Microsoft.

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    ^ This

  • Nataku4ca

    lol love this one -> armchair analyst

  • Solid

    Some people just dont’t want to face up to the fact that people love their Nokia / Windows phones!