Nokia Lumia Play To DLNA Beta application released

Remember the DLNA drivers I found in one of the earlier Nokia Lumia 800 firwmare? Well they are now put to good use it via the recently released Nokia Play To Beta DLNA application which will allow Nokia Lumia owners to stream their handset’s multimedia content to any DLNA compatible receiver (Windows Vista/7/8 PC, TV etc). The Current Beta version doesn’t support Music streaming yet but this should be available in the official release later down the road. Just hit the source link to register to the Nokia Beta program or simply scan the QRCode below after the break to install it on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

I’ve just tested it and it works like a charm!

– There are known interoperability issues with Sony Bravia TV that prevent Video being shared correctly.
– High Resolution video may not share correctly.
– The application does not support Media Server functionality and cannot be detected by devices such as Microsoft Xbox360 and/or Sony Playstation3.
– This functionality is being planned for a future release.

Via: Nokia Beta Labs thanks for all the tips