Nokia quickly becomes number one Windows Phone OEM

Unsurprisingly Nokia has apparently become the number one windows phone OEM in less than a quarter. According to Strategy Analytics Nokia own 33.1% of the Windows Phone marketshare wile HTC Samsung and others the rest 66.9%. With only 2.7M units ship in Q4 Windows Phone is still far behind its many rivals but this just goes to show that good marketing and brand awareness is part of the key to success in this business. I have yet to see any HTC of Samsung advertising for their Windows Phone 7.5 here…

Speaking of Nokia, I would like to point out that besides pumping out ads the company is also actively working on getting their handsets fixed and fully functional. Following my rants about the issues affecting the Lumia 800 the company got in touch with me and I’ve been actively testing upcoming code tweaks and firmwares in hopes to get things fixed asap (that’s why you see 4 handsets in the picture above..).

source: SA