Official: NoDo coming out in the second half of March

No more rumors or fake dates folks. Microsoft (France) has just officially announced that the first “major” Windows Phone 7 update known as NoDo will be made available via the platforms updates system in the second half of March:

Nous sommes ravis de partager avec vous que cette mise à jour sera disponible pour la deuxième quinzaine de Mars via votre logiciel Zune. Une notification sera poussée sur l’ensemble des Windows Phone 7, vous permettant ainsi d’effectuer la mise à jour dans les meilleures conditions.

So, there you have it: just a few days left to wait and we will all be able to spam our contacts with nonsense thanks to the copy / past functionality (unless you are an HTC 7 Mozart, Trophy or HD7 owner). If I had to guess I would say that the previous update issues on Samsung devices is the cause of this delay.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, though C&P will be a nice added feature. It’s not the most important feature missing. What I worry about is this being the only update before mango.

  • Eric Malamisura

    Who cares about copy & paste at this point, I am more looking forward to a working Marketplace and the various bug fixes…

  • Dougcutting

    Now, if I can just find out if my Samsung Focus will ever get the pre-NoDo release. I would like to have a trial run at the update process before the first real update hits.

  • Anonymous

    Second half of March means March 31st, and the roll out will take a month or will get yanked after a few days because of bricked phones.

  • Anonymous

    Balmer committed to first half of March in his keynotes address previously…. sigh

  • David Lee

    This wait has been a little ridiculous but at least Microsoft officially announced it finally. They originally vaguely said “Early 2011.” I’m gonna go ahead and put it out there and say that late March is not “Early 2011.” They need to come up with a better update strategy.

  • Eoa

    Mais quelle blague…

    At this point iOS5 will be released before this No(can)Do update. WP7 is really a promising OS but they wont gain any marketshare over iOS or Android by moving so slowly

  • EJ

    I dont care about c&p, I want to be able to send videos, GIVE IS THE BASIC MSFT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ll wait until they get themselves together if do. I feel that Android is calling my name and WP7 is telling me I’m not ready to compete. See ya in a couple of year, if you’re still around.

  • Anonymous

    Translation : We are delighted to share with you that this update will be available for the second half of March via your Zune software. A notification will be thrust on all of the Windows Phone 7, allowing you to perform the update in the best conditions.

    I know google/bing translate is a search away but I just gonna assume everyone thats gonna read this doesn’t speak French.

  • Jrfish14


  • EJ

    I dont expect anything anymore, if they update it, ok if not fuck em.