HTC 7 Mozart ROM with non Final NoDo update leaked

A new HTC 7 Mozart ROM containing the non final build of NoDo (7355) has just leaked a couple of minutes ago. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth to flash you Mozart with this one though given that the official update should start to roll out pretty soon. A similar 7355 build rom for the Samsung Omnia 7 is also scheduled to be leaked soon (Firmware: KA1) but once again it may be better to wait a bit for the official release.

UPDATE: The OS version is actually 7389 (which should be the final NoDo build) and not 7355 as stated by the original poster. So you can feel free to flash your Mozart with it ;-) .

The 7355 build seems to be pre-loaded on many handsets lately but the final NoDo build isn’t expected to be under 7389.
The ROM name is: RUU_Mozart_HTC_Europe_1.30.401.01_5.54.09.21_22.33 b.50_RELEASE
You can grab the file directly from here.

Thanks for the heads up Mary Jo !

  • dotCARBON

    “a couple of ago”. A couple of what ago?

  • EJ

    Nodo will never happen. I’m not jumping to Android, just upset by all the lies ms fucking t

  • dotCARBON

    Microsoft is on time. They never promised anything other than “early 2011″ for the update.

  • Gust3

    My feeling is WP7 will end up fragmented since Microsoft is completely inept with automatic updates. What’s up with tethering the handset to get an update? It should be updated like other applications. Maybe one day it will be worked out, but for now, it is broken.

    NODO should be renamed NOSHOW. MANGO, the next update, should be renamed MANGLED (probably late like NODO).