Fixed Windows Phone 7 7008 update for Samsung devices available

Microsoft has just resumed the Windows Phone 7 7008 update roll out for the affect Samsung devices today after halting it last week when it was discovered that it didn’t work on some Omnia 7 and Focus handsets. My device just prompted me to update but I’m not home so I can proceed to do it right now. So just give me a few hours and I’ll let you know if it works.

UPDATE—Wed. Mar. 2

Starting today, we plan to resume rolling out the February update to Samsung phones. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to dispatch the update to other Windows Phone models. As has been the case, the software patch is being sent out on a rolling schedule. You’ll see a message on your phone when it’s available.

During the past week the engineering team has pinpointed and fixed problems that were preventing a small percentage of Windows Phones from installing the February software patch. We apologize again for the delay and continue looking for ways to improve the update process.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

Update 1: I am SERIOUSLY getting tired of this mess. First attempt at updating the Omnia 7 resulted in a 800705B4 error:

Update 2: Second attempt jumped directly to Step 7 without doing any backup (wtf?) and then error 800705B4 again. It’s MS fail day folks…

UPDATE 3: The only real “fix” is the same as last week: Just Hard Reset your Omnia 7 and then proceed with the update. It worked for me. Today’s fix is a joke. All it seemed to do with me was to apparently bypass the back-up process on the handsets that initially failed the previous update (tried on my main PC and another one on which I freshly installed Zune). Unfortunately this is resulting in the Zune software no longer being able to connect to the handset in recovery/bootloader mode so you get the 800705B4 time-out error message. Thanks for nothing Microsoft.

  • Haqwin

    Same here, and a college of mine too, I would also say: Samsung – you suck too…

  • Domenico A

    From Italian forum (translate with google)

    The secret was just temporarily disable the driver and then the redeployment did not occur in the right way: I put my case:

    BEFORE YOU START THE PROCESS tenet open on XP Device Manager window and keep it in the foreground during the upgrade:
    - to step 6 if you hear the sound that Windows disables the phone from gaming, with the typical sound when you log off a pendrive … On the second, should be back on the device manager to name a UNKNOWN DEVICE Windows Mobile; click that 2 times and dates manually update, after a while windows will install ‘the following device: Unknown – Zune.
    At that point the update process is step 7 you do the backup – Step 8 to install in new firmware, reboot the phone 9 and 10 compliment you can disconnect your phone and the update was successful ..

    Now version S.0. the phone has moved from 7004 to 7008

    This Guide applies to my computer with Windows XP, I DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ‘if something goes wrong WHO TEST (cmq case almost impossible to believe because you have the block before it writes the new firmware ..)

  • T800t8
  • Haqwin

    Nope thats not it, I had 4.2GB free and 75GB HD free, if thats not enough then the phone is a piece of junk…

  • Ccmd_232

    My Update went fine (finished it an hour ago). It took around 6 minutes to finish. I had around 5.7 GB space available at my phone, now the OS Version is 7.0.7008.0
    Phone: Samsung Omnia 7

  • MobileTechWorld

    Did Zune backup your phone (you should have seen the “do not unplug your device sign” on the Omnia 7 during this process) ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Did Zune backup your phone (you should have seen the “do not unplug your device sign” on the Omnia 7 during this process) ?

  • Ccmd_232

    Yes it did, and on the phone there was a progress bar on top of the Phone/PC image they have. One thing to note, and might be useful, is that immediately before the update process (Step 7) a Windows Driver got installed with name GT-I8700, after this driver was installed, the installation of the update started. My PC OS is Windows 7.

  • Anonymous

    Still no update for me. I have an HTC HD7 on T-Mobile. I suppose no update is better than failed update :|

  • Fantis

    Also getting the same error… fail me once, shame on Samsung, fail me twice, shame on Microsoft….

  • Ccmd_232

    That’s really bad image for Microsoft. They should have done it better. What makes me even more frustrated is that Samsung did not even bother to step in or make any statement, it’s like the hardware does not even belong to them.
    My advice is to head to and log any issue there, that’s what I’m doing, even for simple things just to let them know and handle things better.

  • TroyGates

    Same here x2 phones.

  • Guest Who Doesn’t Cry About It

    You posters are pathetic! The whinning is so immature. Simply report the issue to Microsoft instead of crying about it. This is not the NoDo update and you’re not having to pay money for this! Keep using your phone, children, and wait until Microsoft sends a resolution.

  • Anon

    Still no update for me either. I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T. Both WP7 and Zune tell me that 7004 is up to date.

  • Anonymous

    So you came here to whine about the fact that other people are whinning? Makes sense :/

  • Haqwin

    So that Microsoft failing an update twice is nothing to take up in public? Once is forgivable bit twice is a failure. And of course it’s reported to Microsoft as well. with great detail.

  • Adrian Lici

    I don’t really have a problem with waiting a bit more for an update that brings no new features, but this situation worries me because it looks like MS aren’t thoroughly testing these updates if they are released in such a state.

    Also, if there are strict conditions that govern the update process (free memory, free hdd space, network connectivity standards) then it should stand to reason that Zune should first check all of these conditions are met before trying to update and possibly resulting in an unintelligible error or a handset that needs a hard reset before it can function again.

  • JT

    I have managed to get my Omnia 7 updated via USB similar to Ccmd_232. It started with Zune update and then I see a Windows Drive installed before the actual update occurs.

  • xk2600

    I’d rather pay $$$ just to get the update and have it work than deal with Microsoft/AT&T/Samsungs lack of interest in communicating to thier end user in relation to both issues and timeframes for updates.

  • Brenden Nickless

    lol consider yourselves lucky. My unlocked Omnia 7 is still stuck on 7004 and neither the phone OR Zune is having any luck finding any updates. How am I the only one with these problems? It’s like my phone’s an abortion of a MS product…a useless POS.

  • Jim Courtney

    I got this update and the NoDo the same night. I had no problems. At first I didn’t know that I had to have Zune on my computer though. Lol.