HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Trophy NoDo Roms available

Following the leak of the HTC 7 Mozart NoDo ROM last night the same russian guy also leaked the HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Trophy NoDo ROM today. These are most probably the official thing with the final 7389 NoDo build so if you don’t care about your warranty just go ahead and flash your device and start copy/pasting all night long.

The HTC HD7 [ROM]RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09. 21_22.33b.50.10_Signed can be found here.

The HTC 7 Trophy [ROM]RUU_Spark_HTC_Europe_1.20.401.00_Spark_5.54.09_RELEASE can be found here

Who else finds it ironic that users have to revert back to the good old WinMo firmware flashing way to update their WP7 handsets because Microsoft can’t seem to get the official update out in time?

via pocketnow

  • Cyb3r

    me! waiting the official… release…

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Maybe MS should give this guy a job.