20 Minutes long hands-on video with the LG E900 Windows Phone 7 phone

Ready to waste 20 minutes of your precious time watching a Windows Phone 7 hands-on? Well, here’s the LG E900 AKA LG Optimus 7 device in action for your own viewing pleasure courtesy of mobilemania.cz who also posted a couple of pictures of the device.  You won’t see anything really new in there  and the DLNA, ScanSearch and Panorama applications aren’t demoed either (it’s basically a Windows Phone 7 walk-through video). Check it out after the break:

I hand the chance to handle it a not long ago and can tell you that it definitely looks better in real life.

Update: Another preview has emerged

Thanks for the heads up Jin!

  • Diego!

    It looks very nice. Though I prefer Samsung Cetus! :D