Samsung Cetus SGH-i916 Windows Phone 7 phone shows up in Canada

The Samsung Cetus Windows Phone 7 handset has just made an appearance in Canada according to the pictures shown here. As you can see the device is now name the Samsung SGH-i916 instead of i917 but this type of number change happens all the time when phone model support a certain type of radio.The handset looks slightly bigger than iPhone 4 but obviously features an AMOLED screen (but is it Super-AMOLED?). One more picture after the break:

via Engadget

  • JiN

    20min video about it here…

    Looks Great!!

  • Diego!

    Wow! It looks very nice!

    One question, wasn’t Samsung Cetus’ model SGH-i917???

    Are there two versions: SGH-i916 & SGH-i917? Could you confirm this M? Thanx!

  • Diego!

    That’s LG E900 aka LG Optimus 7… it’s not the Samsung Cetus SGH i916.