One more LG Optimus 7 preview: Voice to Text feature revealed

Looks like it’s Optimus 7 day today. After last hour’s giant hands-on video here comes a written preview of the LG E900 / Optimus 7 which was pointed out to me by a friendly Korean reader. First we have confirmation that the screen size is 3.8″ (this was first mentioned by LG a little while ago and I also noticed that it was a hair bigger that the LG GW910 screen when I held them side by side) it also packs a 1500Mh battery and 16gb of internal memory. Here’s a brief summary of the HanKyung preview:

- LG wants to recover market share with Optimus 7
- They experienced LG Optimus 7
- Voice to SNS (voice to text)
- post SNS(Twitter / Facebook) article with voice
- Also working on MMS / E-mail
- Easy panorama snapshot
- ‘play to’ feature with DNLA
- Multimedia transfer feature with home network
- Other known WP7 features (like hub UI, Marketplace and so on)
- Slightly large & heavy

This is the first time we hear about this SNS /voice to text feature that will apparently work with SMS, MMS, Twitter and Facebook (in the People and Messaging Hub I guess). The Optimus 7 will probably LG’s flagship holiday smartphone based on all the features it is packing (DLNA, ScanSearch and Panorama). The preview also points out what I have already said before, The E900 feels bigger in the hand than what you might expect after watching the videos.

Thanks for the heads up Joon!

  • Bill Ramalho

    Any idea if this is coming to the US?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup, AFAIK it is coming to the US (probably on AT&T).

  • Anonymous

    16GB? Sweet!