Nokia Lumia 800 PR 1.2 1600.2487.8107.12070 update officially announced: Change Log

Nokia has finally made the Lumia 800 PR 1.2 1600.2487.8107.12070 update official today and has announced the roll out of the update (which has already started yesterday). The company ha also released the update’s change log as you can see below:

As this is not a mandatory software update, not every country or network carrier will make it available to their customers. However, all features and enhancements will be included in subsequent software updates. If you have questions if 1600.2487.8107.12070 will be available for you, please check with your local network carrier.

• Enhanced battery standby and talk time performance
• Battery capacity icon instead of question mark on top right of screen
• Improved bass in audio performance
• Soft-key illumination at all brightness levels
• Fixes for device performance issues including self-reboots, freezes and call-ending

So there you have it! I have personally been using this update for nearly 10 days now and can only recommend you to be patient cause this update will finally make the Lumia 800 viable phone. It’s also nice to see that the missing battery issue has also been fixed (something that I couldn’t really test cause the device I received already had the update applied). Also so note that the camera has also been improved but Nokia has omitted to talk about it in the change log above (see mine here). Props to Nokia who has really been active behind the seen to make this thing possible (trust me they really pay attention to user’s complains). BTW this update won’t triple your device’s battery life contrary to what you can see reported elsewhere. For the whole backstory about the Lumia 800 issues just hit the related post links below.

You can manually update you handset by following the instructions below:
- Download the PR 1.2 1600.2487.8107.12070 FW here.
- Download the update from the first link above then download the WPupdate tools from here.
- Unzip the Tools in a folder then unzip the firmware in the same folder as the tools.
- Plug in your device, wait until the Zune client starts and then close it.
- Run the the Updater and press S or B (depending on the size of your balls..)
- your phone will then reboot in download mode and update (don’t unplug it or do stupid things with your PC during the whole process..)

  • Anonymous

    Apple showed us that worldwide updates at the same time work, why do we have to wait for this update :/

  • Anonymous

    phased rollouts make me sad :(

  • Huang Ken

    The sound effect of charging becomes louder and a little noisy, may I ask do you noticed this difference?

  • Mac

    Roll it out already!

  • Rs125cc

    When will be out for Europe unbranded device?

  • guest91

    i read somewhere that the battery must not discharge at anything beyond 70mA… do u check that in the diagnostics app? my battery life has improved however its still not satisfactory…. my phone discharges at a minimum of 80mA and goes as high as 300mA in the diagnostics app… does this mean that the hardware is damaged?

  • Techtacy

    i still waiting for update.. Europe-Greece… right now with my hard use the battery stay only for 10 hours

  • MobileTechWorld

     Why wait? ;) Simply do it manually by following the instructions I posted above…

  • Techtacy

    because i do not have find lumia 800 rom as have on omnia 7 if something goes wrong..

  • Blushy

    I get @MobileTechWorld:disqus CHOICE’ is not recognised as an internal or external command and it goes round in a loop.

  • Blushy

    The problem was I am running Windows XP and the choices command was not recognised. I google searched and found and amended batch file and a copy of choices.exe. It all worked fine after that.

  • Michel Liesegang

    Do I have to start the Nokia in Download Mode? And how do I actually do this .. I am actually a bit frustrated that I could not find anything helpful. The update tool simply is not able to find my device … thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    Will u post a video of the update when it comes out?

  • Michel

    ” Unzip the Tools in a folder then unzip the firmware in the same folder as the tools.”
    Unfortunately this did not work for me (it kept on giving me “Error: no update file”
    Then I copied the whole firmware file ( to the created folder and it worked for me.
    Hope it helps.

    However: plugged the phone (with new update 12070) the whole night… unplugged it in the morning… it says Battery 100% – estimated time remaining 15 houres :(

  • David Šabata

    I’m really surprised by Lumia! How can Nokia say it can stay in standby up to 335 hours while you guys say it is in fact ten times less?

    I can’t accept charging every day. What I was looking for was at least 3 days uptime. Why is the Lumia 800 so glorified (in general) while it fails to satisfy a basic user needs?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d really like to get one, but mobile phones are supposed to be mobile, not attached to a charger all the time :-|

  • Tim

    Stuck at “Restarting your phone..”
    Anyone else had this happen?

  • Tim

    Catastrophic failure. Looks like during the install process the battery discharged. The phone just constantly power cycles. Comes up as a Windows Phone in the USB device list but just stays on for 3-5 seconds then power cycles. Was updating to address a reboot fault. I have spoken to the vendor and they are going to replace it. Be careful out there.

  • Michel Liesegang

    Solved my problem, USB port wasn’t working properly. Now the update works and I gotta say: It seems, that my battery really lasts longer a few hours.

  • lucky

    i have a uk based lumia 800 and i had tried to install the updates mannually but had i received a error after running WP7 update cab sender
    Error No Update file
    Please help

  • Michel

    Check my post just e few ones up.

  • Roy Benavidez

    So, if I had bought a lumia 800 in the past week and updated the firmware straight away using Zune without running any diagnostics with factory firmware- how would I know if my lumia 800 has any issues? The reason I ask this is because the new firmware(12070) diagnostic does not show fully charged battery status at all. And in the new firmware during charge-up the battery diagnostic shows ” Current : (charging) xxx-xxx mA”. Where xxx- xxx is never beyond 100-700mA. So how do I know whether battery is getting charged to its full capacity when I have only ever used the phone using the new firmware and diagnostics? BTW, my phone is Dec 2011 manufactured and imported.

  • Anonymous

    Tried it again and again, but got:

    Error: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {77CB935D-D0CC-4249-8643-3C387A514A27} failed due to the following error: 80040154.Call stack:at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceUpdate.DeviceManager.Initialize()at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceUpdate.DeviceManager.get_Instance()at wm7update.Program.Main(String[] args)


  • Love Ekblom

    Really nice, thank you!

  • Phenom


    I have a UK Vodafone Lumia 800 and i have just manually applied the FW Update. i have also reinstalled the Diagnostics app but i have noticed that the “detailed battery status” section has disappeared from the list of options. Has anyone else noticed this or does anyone know how to get it back as without it i cant tell whether the performance of the battery has been improved.  

  • Ivazao

     I’ve also just now manually updated my no brand Lumia 800 and as to the battery issue all stays the same, a question mark instead of a battery status bar. The diagnostic tool also the same as you describe, what more, it shows just an empty battery symbol and no data for voltage as well as for current. It’s bothersome considering all the Nokia info. 

  • asd

     I got the same problem after updating. Did you find a solution to it?

  • Phenom

    Update.. i have the same diagnostics app version as the one in the image on this page ( and i have noticed that a few key features have been removed. As mentioned before in my previous post the “detailed battery status” option is now gone but also when you try to configure the app by tapping the “…”, you only have one selection to chose “about” whereas before the FWUpdate there was also the option “settings”. Has anyone else noticed this? Also does anyone know how to install a different version of this app as i only know the ##634# method.

    PS. diagnostic app ver 1.9 has all the options.


  • Jpouw

    Same bloody error here and nobody seems to be responding to the question.

  • Ikhaatms00

    This update does not fix the missing battery status on my phone…..still close to useless as a phone…..sigh…

  • Denken

    worked for me . battery drain around 97 after 20 secs

  • Sparrow155

    I haven’t updated yet. I have ‘Diagnostics v1.7.0.0′ tapping the “…”, gives 2 options. The 1st option ‘Settings’ is very interesting;  a choice of ‘Zune’ or ‘Serial’ for USB Mode. If you opt for ‘Serial’ it gives a “Warning: Changing this registry value requires a device reboot. Do you wish to proceed?” I haven’t tried Serial USB mode yet. Has any one used this option? The 2nd option is is ‘About’; just info about phone, app version, ROM version etc.

  • Phenom

    Hi Sparrow155,

    whatever you do try not to uninstall your diagnostics app as when you reinstall it the version you get will havr the “settings option” removed and also “detailed battery status”. From my experience, after the FW update, i had to reinstall the diag app, now i have ver which has doesnt have the two features mention earlier.

  • Phenom

    Hi Sparrow155,

    whatever you do try not to uninstall your diagnostics app as when you reinstall it the version you get will havr the “settings option” removed and also “detailed battery status”. From my experience, after the FW update, i had to reinstall the diag app, now i have ver which has doesnt have the two features mention earlier.

  • Tim

    I tried to update using the program you provided. However just when my phone rebooted during the update the program dissapeared on my pc. (crashed?)Now my phone is on the do not disconnect update screen. However i havent seen the loading bar move in 20 mins….

    Should i wait it out and hope something happens? or should i disconnect the phone, although the picture says not to?

  • Saber MLayeh™

    i updated it before yesterday and the standbye is amazing, it uses like 4-6% the whole night in standbye when before it uses 50% … but when i use whatsapp , tango, browsing or 3g, it go back like before, within 6hours the battery is dead :’.. but at least i do still have standbye mode ad camera improvement going good

  • Anonymous

    Your link doesn’t help :(

    Error 80040154 is not addressed, only other errors.

    Sigh. Been checking this site daily for an answer, but so far no luck.

  • Willami Batista

    They remove because the people can see that your battery have low capacity(poor lion battery) and that sw upadate only reduce the battery drain featuring some app closing…but the windows phone still have one high HW current drain…it means that is not one sw update that will repair this batterry issues…only one good hw development

  • Saber MLayeh

  • CBM

    does the update real solve the battery problem?