Nokia Lumia 800 1600.2487.8107.12070 update roll-out has started in some countries

I’m getting user reports that the 1600.2487.8107.12070 firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 800 is currently being pushed out to uses in Singapore and India. Keep in mind that nothing has been officially announced yet (and that those operators may have jumped the gun a little bit) but my guess is that it should officially be pushed out worldwide in the coming days / weeks. UPDATE: Nokia is telling me that some regions may be getting it faster than others but that everything is done to get it out everywhere so sit tight and be patient. For more info about this firmware please refer to my previous exclusive report here.

Anyway here’s a link to the Singtel (Singapore) branded Firmware: here
Don’t forget to tell us if you got it in the comments section below (your country and carrier info too).

  • Manu K.P

    I’m from India and got the firmware update today. Highlight – definite improvement in music playback quality with deeper bass. Haven’t tested enough to comment on photo quality, they say improvements to white balance is available. We don’t have carrier contracts in India, devices are bought unlocked at full price. So carrier info is irrelevant.

  • Finestchap09

    Music is better, photos are neat. The self timer and other camera sittings promised still seem to be missing. I’m really hoping to get wifi hotspot option in one of the updates. Will have to wait a while to comment on how the battery’s holding up.

  • Ashutosh Sharma

    Battery life..?? again increased..? ( I think a little premature to ask )

  • Stav

    battery life plz…? i think this is important.

  • frank kriek

    they tripple timed the battery life!!!

  • Tor Appelt

    How did You actually updated with this firmware?

  • Nik

    Via Zune

  • Tappelt

    Didn’t work for me. Instead I renamed the firmvare (but kept the cab suffix) and flashed the lumia 800 with WP7 Update Cab Sender (maybe Zune didn’t work because I’m in Denmark. Now it’s working…

  • Anonymous

    Hvordan skal man gøre? Min Lumia er ikke operatørlåst.

  • Anonymous

    How to do??
    Can I just download the update?
    And how do I sync it with Zune? 

  • Tappelt

    Download cab-filen fra linket ovenover. Få fat i Update Cab Sender (google den), placer den downlowdede cab-fil i samme mappe som Update Cab Finder, omdøb den til f.eks. Inden du flasher skal du lige sikre dig at du har Zune installeret og at din phone genkendes. Luk Zune og gå i gang med Update Cab Sender bat filen (kør den som administratot i windows 7). Håber det lykkes for dig.

  • Tappelt

    Lykkedes det? Ellers slålige på tråden(25301111), eller, hvis du bor i Odense, så ko lige forbi, så ordner videt sammen.

  • Anonymous

    Virker ikke.
    Får en fejlmeddelse op med røde bogstaver.
    Tror bare jeg venter til den kommer ad sig selv.

  • Anonymous

    Men tror mæske jeg gøre noget forkert.
    Når jeg pakker update-filen ud er der jo ikke bare en fil men mange filer. Så jeg ved ikke hvilken  jeg skal omdøbe.

  • Tappelt

    Linket er til en cab fil – den skal du ikke pakke ud – men ondøbe hele filen til f.eks. Så burde det køre.

  • Anonymous

    Der sker stadig ikke noget

  • Anurag Sonti

    has any one in UK got the update?