Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Status gone after firmware update

Just in case you didn’t know it yet the Nokia Lumia 800 battery situation is a real mess and the latest firmware update made things worse in some cases. As you probably already know I have two Lumia 800s and both of them received the much awaited update recently unfortunately one of them (branded TIM-IT) isn’t really working as it should now. As you can see in the picture above the OS is unable to get a correct reading of the current battery status and the same thing applies to the Nokia Diagnostics app (picture after the break). My second device (branded SFR-FR) updated without a hitch and seems to be working fine though.

Rolling back to the pre-update state fixed the issue so the problem is definitely caused by the 1600.2479.7740.11451 firmware on this particular handset (the 7440 OS update doesn’t cause the issue as it only happens after the new firmware is applied). Unfortunately for me after going back and forth between the newest version and the restore point the Zune software has magically decided to erase my backup so I’m now stuck with the latest software on the device and this annoying bug. It seems that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue though so I’m posting this hoping that Nokia will take notice and fix it a soon as possible. If you have the same problem please post in the comments below.

  • Rick Dodkins

    I don’t mind taking the broken one of your hands :P

  • Anonymous

    Does the phone still works ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes it’s fully functional. There’s no problem besides this issue

  • Dave

    I have the same issue :) Already thought my much loved phone was breaking down but it seems to be a bug.. Hope they will launch a fix soon!

  • Highspeedme

    I have the same problem, also the phone doesn’t make a sound when it’s running on empty. it just says: goodbye . Also no sound when i charge the phone, i just hope for the best when i use it. the only trick to find out the status is to go to the battery savings screen in your configuration screen. wow. then i see i just have 16 hours after a full charge. Hoping I remind myself to charge it before it says goodbye or used my nav or typed a message or making a call.
    Thats making me very nervous NOKIA!

  • Jarednz101

    I have the same problem. Come on Nokia!… a battery meter with a question mark? no noise/click/beep or anything to indicate my phone’s actually receiving a charge?!?… what a farce this is becoming. And please DONT get me started on the horrendous quality of the media player sound. I have music which actually now sounds like there is no drums or bass in the track - and I have good earphones. Utterly awful and so very disappointing (I really am cheering for Nokia, but am starting to feel a bit stupid for not going with the sheep masses’ iPhone…maybe it’s doing so well for a reason!?).

  • Colin Huang

    This new update screwed up the battery status on my Lumia too. I’m going back to original firmware in case it overcharges the battery or something bad like that. This situation is batcrap scary, Nokia needs to address this issue, fast.

  • Merijn Van Den Berg

    My battery status is gone as well, Come on Nokia.
    My media player however does sound fine. When first using my earphones I thought the sound was bad as well. However I quickly found out that the protective cover supplied by Nokia prevented my earphones from completely engaging into the socket. Easily resolved by shaving some rubber of the earphones plug.

  • Xx-diyar-xx

    hi guys …  i did update my noikia lumia 800 via zune   now getting worse :S     i want to restore update  but i cant with zune ? i try to many time i caanot find ?

    I need Help Pls

  • jaffathefish

    same with me. I updated software now constantly have question mark on battery – can we restore phone and lose the ques mark?  never know now if its low or not so constantly charging it!

  • Xx-diyar-xx

    hello jaffathefish  if u find anything please share here,,, 

  • tom li

    upgrade to newest version,battery still question mark

  • herbicid herbicid

    My Nokia also has this problem. It started
    showing question mark on battery icon after firmware update
    1600.2479.7740.11451. Although the battery status was good for a few day after
    firmware update and then one day it showed question mark. Also Nokia diagnostic
    tool show only zeros. Yesterday I have updated to firmware 1600.2483.8106.11501
    still no luck. Question mark is still there.

  • Xxxx-diyar-xx


  • Anonymous

    Guys, if you still have this problem, you NEED to get your phone replaced. That’s what I did… it’s a mass hardware problem.

  • Me

    Same probelm!!

  • Me

    Hi, just plug in to usb in some pc running and wait a few moments

  • Antinluomajari

    Still same problem, have anybody heard any solution for this?

  • Skaze

    I should have stayed away from nokia after going through hell and back with the N73. I hope nokia goes bankrupt. Incompetence should be punished. Back to apple for me.

  • Kc_sachin1986

    yeah still same problem, how to solve this problem?

  • Not Likely

    Same problem… it seems to be suppressed by MS/Nokia… this is a problem that’s not been addressed by past upgrades… why?

  • Rolf

    I have this week a new Nokia Lumia 800 and I have the same problem.
    (The backup is scrapped by Zune)
    Now I read this problem you have 3 month ago.
    What is Nokia doing?
    I believe I go back to the LG 900E and send back the Nokia.
    Regards from Germany.

  • Rich

    I got the question mark problem on my Lumia 800 before I updated to the latest firmware (and OS version).  I updated to try to fix it but it has got worse.  With the latest firmware, in addition to the question mark on the battery indicator (so you have no idea how much charge you have left) the “battery saver” page has started getting eratic, with wildly different values if I view it  every few seconds, the battery saver checkbox keeps checking itself, and the phone has started turning itself off, sometimes every ten minutes, even if fully charged!  Aaargh!