Windows Phone Mango 7712: Streaming music and video from the Skrydrive through the browser

Another thing that now “works” in the latest Mango 7712 build is the ability to stream MP3 files that have been uploaded to a Skydrive. Don’t get excited though, contrary to what some people may assume this isn’t some kind of official Skydrive Music Streaming service at all. Streaming MP3 files has always been possible in Windows Phone 7 via the browser and this is exactly what’s happening here but prior to this new Mango release it didn’t work on with MP3 files uploaded on Skydrive (first spotted by Mannan here). As you will see in the video I shot all Microsoft did here is enable the browser to stream an MP3 file from the Skydrive website ,nothing else. You still have to painfully manually upload the files via your desktop and go through IE9 Mobile to access them (the Office Hub will always send you to the browser) Same works for any MP3 file on any server:

So, yeah it’s “cool” but not really useful in my opinion. Edit: Having a HTML5 music player built into Skydrive would definitely fix this awkward situation and enable proper music streaming. The best solution would obviously be native Skydrive integration the Zune / Music + Videos hub though.

Update: Seems like reporters and commentators are being confused by this news. Microsoft didn’t change anything to the Skydrive: there’s no new music streaming service, functionality etc.. The only “new” thing is that IE9 Mobile in the 7712 Mango build can now properly open the music and videos files hosted on a Skydrive (just like it has always work with similar files hosted on any other server. As a matter of fact I just shot a short video demonstrating and HD video hosted on my Skyrdrive streamed on the device:

: You can actually stream the videosdirectly from the Pictures hub!

  • Anonymous

    Using Windows Live Mesh you could put all your mp3s in one folder and tell Mesh to sync it automatically to your Skydrive. Takes the pain away from uploading your music. I don’t really have any music in my computer that I didn’t otherwise download from Zune Pass, but this seems like a cool solution. It always seems like Microsoft just has to flip a switch to make something awesome happen, yet they never do flip that switch. How much ass would a web-based Zune service kick?

    They already have the infrastructure to compete with the Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Music and iTunes Match, yet, here they are, getting their asses handed to them by seemingly every competitor. They have completely missed this boat just by stubbornly keeping the Zune music service limited to their desktop software. These days, services need to be platform independent. Though most personal computers run Windows, more and more people are doing a substantial part of their computing on mobile devices, where Windows has no dominion.

    It’s frustrating how they can’t seem to realize this. Get with the fucking program already. There, rant over.

  • Ian Cavalcanti

    This is weird the MP3 works, but no videos that ive upload in 720p MP4 to Skydrive. :S

  • Guest

    Whether the hands of this person are pretty small (no offense;-) or the screen of this phone is huge? Which model is this? 

  • MobileTechWorld

    I do have relatively small hands ;-) Phone is the Samsung Omnia 7