Windows Phone Mango Twitter and LinkedIn integration shown on video

As we all know Windows Phone 7 Mango features a new Twitter and LinkedIn integration functionality which is unfortunately not available in the current Beta 2 build but enabled in more recent builds. But if you really want to know how it exactly looks like the company has uploaded a short video interview of the Program Manager responsible for social notifications and filtering functionally of the OS. From what you will see the integration is really straight forward but we have yet to learn if we will be able to share pictures on Twitter similar to what will be offered in iOS5 or even via the Facebook integration in Windows Phone. Check out the video after the break:

via LiveSide Thanks for the heads up Marc

  • Jim

    Nice, I like the way it’s done.  I was worried that a massive Twitter feed would over shadow Facebook posts.  The ability to filter is a must and it looks like that’s what they did.  Retweet is a nice addition also.  Truthfully what I’m really looking forward to is Facebook Events, since my wife uses it as her (and the family’s) main calendar.