Windows Phone 7 Mango to integrate Twitter photo sharing service?

Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, is expected to announce a new photo sharing service tomorrow, June 1st, during the D9 conference and this got me thinking about something interesting. As you may have noticed Microsoft has yet to show and demonstrate the Twitter integration in Windows Phone Mango and when I asked the company about it during the VIP event I was told that it still wasn’t ready for prime-time and that a new OS build was expected to show up on June 1st, which is now the date of Twitter’s new photo sharing service unveiling. I may be totally wrong in my speculation but given that Mango now features, Facebook Galleries, photo tagging, video sharing it would be logical to also have Twitter’s new photo sharing services built in.

  • Matthieu Nate

    Well, we’ll know soon enough!
    That would be an interesting feature, of course. I wonder how fast will the officiel and third party Twitter apps get updated on other platforms.