Nokia re-organizes Navteq after Microsoft partnership: focus now on Social-location based services

According to an internal Nokia memo scooped by Phonescoop the Finnish company is re-organizing its Navteq mapping subsidiary now that the Microsoft partnership has been sealed. Navteq will now focus on “new social-location applications, services, and developer experiences that engage a large user-base to build a winning brand and ecosystem together with Microsoft; high-value location content enabling differentiated experiences; and high-value advertising network monetizing the ecosystem by providing local commerce services for brands and merchants.” Starting on May 1st, Nokia and Navteq will work on the creation of a new business unit that will consolidate both companies Location and Mapping assets.

It should also been noted that Microsoft’s Chris Pendleton who became Sr. Program Manager of Bing Maps mobile in September recently went  back to working on the regular desktop Bing Maps. This makes me believe that Nokia/Navteq teams are now heavenly involved in the future version of Bing Maps mobile. Microsoft has yet to announced the update Bing services and features that will be part of the Mango update. Microsoft and Navteq have also recently started to collect pictures and Geo Data in European countries for the StreeSlide and Streetside View feature on Bing Maps.

source: phonescoop thanks Mary Jo for the heads up.