Microsoft Bing Maps Streeside view coming to France, UK, Germany and Spain

It is well known fact that the current iteration of Bing Maps is several lacking in terms of content outside of the US. The POI database is either out of date or really small depending on the country and many of the must-have features like StreetSide view (known as StreeView in Google Maps) and real-time Traffic are non-existent. Thankfully Microsoft with the help of Nokia’s Navteq is hard at work right now and has just launched a couple of cars in the UK to start collecting pictures and GEO data info to expand the StreeSide database:

Microsoft has already collected imagery in 56 US metro areas as well as in selected areas in Canada. In April 2011, Microsoft will begin collecting street level imagery in Europe, starting in the UK with France, Germany and Spain following soon after.

We primarily drive public roads with our initial focus on streets with businesses and points of public interest. At times, we may drive residential areas as well. As we continue to grow our street level coverage, we’ll share our plans to expand collection areas.

As of right now this feature is only available on the desktop version of Bing Maps and not in the Windows Phone 7 (the iPhone version of the Bing app does have StreeSlide though..) but one can only hope that Microsoft is currently working on implementing it on their own mobile OS and hopefully show case it during today’s MIX11 keynote.

source: Microsoft Streeslide

  • man1up

    did they show what it would look like or timeframe for when it will be implemented on Windows Phone 7? I couldn’t find exactly where or if they did address it.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t discuss any of the new Bing and Bing Maps features which will be part of Mango. They only thing that I could see during the keynote is that image results are now included when doing a Bing search on WP7.
    We will probably have to wait a bit before MS announces anything on this front.