Windows Phone 7 Mango to feature Bing Vision and Music search similar to Shazam

As you may have noticed, Microsoft didn’t announce or showcase any new Bing search or Bing Maps features coming to Mango during MIX11 earlier this month. This didn’t stop us from noticing that image results were now obviously included. Fortunately for us 2 other features appear in a demo video showcasing the new search extras results (see the icons on app bar): Bing Vision which is already available on the Bing iPhone application and what looks like music search which I’m guessing is similar to Shazam.

It would be hard to imagine that other features like StreeSlide and Street Side view view will also be integrated into Bing Maps for WP7 but we will have to wait for the official confirmation later this year when Microsoft finally decides to announce the overhaul of Bing on Windows Phone 7. But don’t be surprised if Bing Vision (Augmented Reality scanning and search) and the music feature are only supported in the US at first. This is unfortunately one of the biggest downside of Windows Phone 7: most of the OS’ cloud services are only US centric right now and this won’t change anytime soon unless Microsoft integrates Nokia’s Ovi Maps and Geo Local content at a lightning fast pace.

Check out a video of Bing Vision and Streeslide on the iPhone below:

source: Youtube via WMPU